The 3 stubbornest zodiac signs.


Have you ever been with a person who really wanted to get their will and didn’t listen to you, no matter what you did? Who was incredibly convinced of herself and her attitude and completely ignored you? Then you have probably encountered one of these three zodiac signs because they have the biggest stubbornness of all!


For everyone, except for himself, the bull is a very strenuous contemporary from time to time, because he just always wants to be right and sees himself as infallible. He is happy with himself, because he is not afraid to use himself and what he believes in.

For his friends and people who deal with him, being with him is not very nice, because he brings unrest to each other. The bull is the most stubborn zodiac sign of all and if he is convinced of something, then no one will stop him.

You can speak your mouth fuzzily and if you’re lucky he’ll still let you finish, but there was never any question of listening. Because he’s just waiting for you to finish so that he can continue talking about his opinion.

He knows what he wants and how to do it and so he does it. Point. Come what. Nobody can change that and trying to do it is just a waste of time.

That’s why he takes off professionally. Since he doesn’t give up until he’s done his job completely and doesn’t let anything stop him, he’s extremely successful and happy with himself.


A lion is not lacking in self-confidence, as everyone knows. He walks upright and doesn’t let anyone stop him from getting where he wants to go.

Nobody can unsettle him, because he knows exactly what he wants and heads towards it. He always finds his way in life and tries a lot. New things inspire him and he hates standing still or letting someone say that he can’t do something.

Then he does it all the more to prove it to everyone and to show himself that he won’t let anyone talk him into it. To be true to yourself is the most important thing for him, which is why he

is very connected to his inner voice. She tells him where to go and what project to go to.

He is always guided by her and follows her instructions with passion. And when he does something so passionately, nobody has an impact on it.

He knows that he can’t rely on anyone as much as he can on himself. And he’s proud of that. If someone tries to say something against it, he will disregard him and laugh inside. He knows he can do anything and if a path turns out to be a dead-end, then he has at least tried.


A scorpion is certain of what it stands for. He knows his inner conviction very well and once he has an idea of ​​something, he will always defend and hold onto it.

If you are or have been in a relationship with a scorpion, you will know the situations in which he cannot be said and all your words bounce off him. This can drive you to despair, but it doesn’t irritate a scorpion because it stays steadfast no matter what.

He thinks he knows things better than you and everyone else, so it would be stupid for him to be told anything. He simply doesn’t care whether others disagree with him or don’t believe in his idea.

This is also the reason why a scorpion, when viewed from the outside, often seems imaginary and withdrawn. But he’s by no means cold-hearted. He is only completely convinced and listens to himself. His intuition is very strong and determines his life. And he does not understand why others do not want to follow his path instead of facing himself.

Ultimately, a scorpion leaves everyone else as they are, even if they think they are on the wrong track because only he knows the right solution.

Now you know which three zodiac signs you have to prepare for solid discussions and a rigid opinion, so that the next time you meet them you will not be unprepared.


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