The 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs For The Weekend Of August 21st And 22nd

Do you want to know which zodiac signs are very lucky on the weekend of August 21st and 22nd? Then take a look at our horoscope!

Happiness is also controlled by the universe!

With a loud “FINALLY” we start the well-deserved weekend after work today. The week was exhausting and the weather wasn’t really nice – it goes without saying that we’d like to hide in bed. Haaaaalt! Don’t be too hasty! At least three zodiac signs should think twice about the bed, because a huge load of happiness awaits them this weekend. Would you like to find out more? Then stay tuned!

How are the stars this weekend?

At the moment the constellations look like this:

  • The sun is still in Leo, but changes to Virgo on Sunday ( here we reported who will benefit from this change )
  • The moon is in Capricorn and migrates to Aquarius on Sunday for the full moon ( read more about this exciting lunar event here )
  • Mercury and Mars are under the Virgo zodiac sign
  • Venus is currently in Libra ( here you can find out which zodiac signs could therefore fall in love )
  • Jupiter is still in the zodiac sign Aquarius

Which zodiac signs are lucky according to the horoscope?

Virgo: The sun moves into Virgo this weekend and makes people with this zodiac sign shine. Everything you touch in the coming days will succeed and give you a large portion of self-confidence and motivation. This is the beginning of a great time!

Aquarius: The moon will not only move into your sign this weekend, it will even become a full moon. You feel energetically charged and find the strength to reflect on your life and to set up your wishes and goals anew. How good that the lucky planet Jupiter continues to strengthen your back. It is clear from the start: In the end, you will be rewarded for your efforts and happiness will not belong incoming!

Capricorn: Those born in Capricorn have a real streak of luck on the weekend. Everything that people with this zodiac sign touch turns gold. Your self-confidence is strengthened and you feel completely happy and satisfied. This is the perfect time to do something with your loved ones and show yourself at your best. Have fun!

We wish you a great weekend – even if your zodiac sign was not mentioned above, of course. Enjoy the last days of summer! ❤️

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