The 2020 annual horoscope for the zodiac sign Taurus 

This is your personal annual horoscope for 2020 dear Taurus. What do the stars have in store for you in terms of love and finance? What about your health? Find out!


This year you will be strongly encouraged in your career. However, you should be careful. Because some of your colleagues could become jealous and put obstacles in your way. This could reduce your progress. In 2020 you will have the opportunity to achieve some of your goals as long as you work hard on it.

Try not to be too stubborn, because it could negatively affect your current job. If you want to advance your career through a degree or another form of further education, then this year is very promising. You may also get a promotion.

Businesspeople can look forward to starting new projects with the help of experts. They will build and advance their current ventures and, as a result, can expect substantial financial gains.

Since family problems could occupy you this year, you should try to separate business and family problems. It’s worth focusing on your career and your company as the turmoil piles up in the family.


Your 2020 horoscope also promises a better financial position. You may receive legacy money from wealthy parents or relatives. But it could also be that you earn more in your job. You will most likely be able to invest in material things and enjoy more luxury.

The planet Jupiter will make sure of that. If you’ve been thinking about investing in stocks for a long time, this year will give you several options. There could also be enough money for bigger things like a trip.

At the beginning of the year, however, the planets are oriented in such a way that your financial situation improves very slowly. You should, therefore, avoid major investments, especially at the beginning of the year, and handle your money more carefully. A savings plan can help you keep track of your finances and not be wasteful with your money.


Your annual horoscope for 2020 indicates a number of changes in the area of ​​love and partnership. Unexpected changes in your relationships will surprise you and you should try to withstand these changes. Let them come to you and try to stay calm. This is the only way to deal with them effectively. These changes will have a positive impact on your relationship, dear Taurus. Therefore your patience will pay off afterward.

You will develop a better understanding of your life partner in the first quarter of the year. In the second half of 2020, your relationship will likely need more love and sensuality. This will make your partner more accommodating and helpful. He will also try more to satisfy your needs. You should be relaxed and diplomatic about the crucial changes in your love life.

If you are single, you have excellent chances of finding the right partner in 2020. Your horoscope predicts that your love life will be full of feelings and passion. To do this, you have to let go of all your fears and legacies from your previous relationships and fully engage in something new. 


You should be prepared for a lot of turbulence this year. The second half of the year is not too beneficial for your family environment. In extreme cases, there is also the possibility that you will have to part with family members for some time.

Mental health can be maintained and the family can stay together if you communicate with your family members. If you remain impartial and say clearly and clearly what you want, the crises can be overcome without any major problems. To do this, you need to be very patient and take enough time to understand the root cause of the problem.

This will greatly increase the chances of a solution to the problem. Married couples will most likely be blessed with children this year. Jupiter could also have a negative impact on children’s educational progress. The children’s health area could also suffer. However, this situation will improve in April.


Bull health will be fabulous in the first quarter of 2020 due to the favorable location of the planet Jupiter. From March to June in particular, your health will be promising due to the positive aspects of Jupiter. Your emotional health will also be excellent, dear bull. Sufficient exercise and the right nutrition primarily contribute to your well-being.

However, the second quarter is not particularly health-promoting. It is important that you rest well and follow a strict fitness program to stay fit. Your emotional health should now be a priority. Occupational stress and stress due to problems in your family can of course not be completely avoided, but you should keep it under control. This is the only way to ensure that you stay healthy – physically and emotionally.


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