The 2020 annual horoscope for the zodiac sign Libra

The 2020 annual horoscope for Libra

This is your personal annual horoscope for 2020 dear Libra. What do the stars have in store for you in terms of love and finance? What about your health? Find out!


Your annual horoscope for 2020 says that you will reach a new high point in your career this year. There will be new opportunities for your career. You could get some good deals from related parties. You will also work very hard, which leads to new responsibilities and successes.

Your rank and salary will increase overall if you work with full concentration on your goal. The idea of ​​changing jobs becomes more and more realistic as the year progresses. However, you should think carefully before taking any steps.

The first quarter of the year will present you with some mental challenges. In the second quarter, Jupiter will have a particularly big impact on your career. You could then expect to move up to a higher position.

The third quarter will pay off particularly for people in the education sector. In the last quarter of the year, Libra personalities can take the step and start a new project. But you should definitely get experts to help you in this area.


According to your financial horoscope for 2020, this year will be mixed for you. Your spending could increase this year. Mars is in a good position and gives you the opportunity to make more money in the long run. In particular, if there have been financial losses in the past year, this year may be in your favor. You will also find yourself in a favorable situation when it comes to real estate transactions. 

Venus will increase your comfort especially in the first half of the year. You will also have to spend more money on this. If you’re not careful, there could be long-term financial problems. So try to hold back a bit in some places. As of March, you could benefit from any type of real estate transaction.

It is also possible that you will buy a house or a car. This is due to the positive influence of Saturn. You can expect more luck towards the end of the year. Therefore, you should only make risky investments towards the end of the year. During this time, more money will flow into your cash register than at any other time in 2020.


The year 2020 will be extremely favorable for your love life because this year Venus is in a favorable position. This allows you to expect a lot of happiness and love in your life. If you haven’t made a new acquaintance for a long time, you can finally meet the right partner. Some old memories can suddenly flash before your eyes and you could revive old romances.

If you are single, you will notice yourself that you will flirt more with the onset of spring. This will generally give you a better chance of getting to know someone. Finding a long-term relationship is very likely, especially in the second quarter of the year.   People with relationships can also expect positive results.

In the second quarter of the year, you will feel a significant improvement in your relationship. Your partnership will be a lot more refreshing than last year. If you are longing for more security and commitment, you might even join the marriage covenant. 


Your family affairs will experience some ups and downs this year, dear Libra. There will be a time when you will feel the need for more trust between your loved ones. In such a situation, you can pray to close relatives for help. This year, the family will be happier with house changes in the third quarter and move closer together. You’ll also get a lot of support from siblings or relatives this year. 

In May Saturn and Jupiter will put some obstacles in your way. These can only be overcome by deliberately spending more time with your family. Your family will be at peace again in the third quarter of 2020. However, there may be differences of opinion, which could particularly disrupt the relationship with your parents.

From the third quarter, money problems can always be a burden for family peace. With enough empathy and consideration for other family members, problems can be easily overcome. During this time, make yourself aware that your family has absolute priority. Otherwise, these problems could negatively affect your health in the long term. Children will have a good time in 2020. 


Your health will be a little affected this year, dear Libra. However, these will be minor charges. But you should effectively prevent diseases. You can achieve this through a fitness routine and healthy eating. 

Naturopathy will help you particularly well from the second quarter and can achieve quick healing. But you should use it continuously. There may be some depressive moods at the beginning of the year. However, these will improve somewhat with the arrival of spring. In the last quarter of the year, you will feel a significant improvement in your mental state. 


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