The 2020 annual horoscope for Leo

This is your personal annual horoscope for 2020 dear Leo. What do the stars have in store for you in terms of love and finance? What about your health? Find out!


According to the 2020 career horoscope, the new year will be the year for the lion. This year you will be full of excitement and enthusiasm. But you should keep your dominance over your opponent to yourself and not flaunt it. There is enormous potential for job seekers in terms of status and salary.

This year is perfect for those who want to start something new. The lion can make good profits, particularly in the areas of steel construction, electricity, communication, and technology. There is also the prospect of entering self-employment in these areas.

Thanks to Saturn, you will generally achieve career advancement in your profession. It is important that you maintain relationships with your colleagues and bosses at your workplace, especially in the first half of the year.

You may get help from an expert in the second half of the year and can finally start your long-awaited project. At this time, you should definitely separate family problems from your career plans.


Your finances will not be lacking this year. You will also get good results in terms of investments, which will exacerbate your financial situation. You can also try your luck on the stock market this year. However, you should be aware that this will definitely have risks. It is recommended to conduct thorough research to stay in the winning position.

You can also look forward to a new home, a new vehicle or a large property this year. In the second half of the year, you could get benefits from foreign companies or institutions. If you need a loan for a major investment, you should do so between May and July.

Since your cash flow will be constant all year round, you will walk through the year quite carefree overall. You may also inherit a little bit of money from your parents or relatives.


The love horoscope 2020 for our lion shows that his romantic life will be promising this year. In terms of relationships, you may be lucky to have such a great life partner, but to maintain passion you may have to face some challenges.

To make your love life happy, you need to control your anger and your inner anger. Instead of lingering on small things, you should keep an eye on the big picture. Try to understand your partner’s feelings and spend as much time with them as possible. Saturn will cause some fluctuations in your relationship at the beginning of the year. 

In the second half of 2020, there is much more room for love and sensuality. As soon as you open up, your partner will meet you and help you understand yourself better. Stay patient and diplomatic, dear lion. This is the only way to deal with the changes in your partnership. If you are single, you have a very good chance this year of finally finding the right partner. 


According to your family horoscope for 2020, the new year is a year in which you will feel comfortable in your family. There are strong signs of the arrival of a new family member this year.

Married people who have long wanted a child could be blessed with a child this year. Marital relationships are created for unmarried people if they want to lay the foundation for their family life. You can expect your mother’s full support.

In the second half of the year, you should be prepared for some turbulence. Your relationship with some family members could deteriorate drastically if you don’t seek the conversation. Don’t wait too long during this time to get problems off the table. You should be patient and most likely have a lot of empathy. Children will be successful all year round.


 In the first half of 2020, your health will be extremely good due to the positive situation of Jupiter, dear lion. Your emotional health will also shine and be better than ever. To maintain this state, you should make sure that your everyday life contains enough exercise. Proper nutrition naturally also plays a role.

In the second half of the year, it may look a little less positive in terms of health. You should definitely rest and relax sufficiently during this time. It can help to treat yourself to a few things that relieve you of everyday stress. Now you should also follow a strict fitness program and eat less bad fats.

This is the only way to ensure that you stay fit. Your emotional health is very closely related to your physical health during this time. Therefore, you should avoid mental stress as much as possible. Things you enjoy should now be a top priority.


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