The 2020 annual horoscope for the Capricorn zodiac sign

The 2020 annual horoscope for Capricorn

This is your personal annual horoscope for 2020 dear Capricorn. What do the stars have in store for you in terms of love and finance? What about your health? Find out!


There will be new opportunities for Capricorn’s career this year. You get completely new opportunities. It could be a great success in your business world. Especially for those who work with fashion and design will have a big advantage in their business.

If you want to start a business, you should do so in the second half of the year. Those who want to move or expand their business abroad will have a great opportunity in June. Anyone working in the import and export sector will be successful in the third quarter of the year.

In October you will see a big change in your workplace. There is also a good chance that you will get a promotion. You may also be responsible for a new project. Your rank will be higher than ever at the end of the year and your reputation in the office will increase.


According to your 2020 horoscope, your finances will increase this year, dear Capricorn. You could make a huge profit. From the beginning of the year, you can expect your financial situation to improve day by day. Nevertheless, your expenses remain consistently high all year round.

At the end of January, Saturn will have a major impact on your financial situation, which will result in very positive results. This change will help you strengthen your financial situation. From April Saturn and Jupiter will create favorable circumstances from which you could benefit greatly.

They will help you to become more prosperous. For this reason, you will increasingly invest your money in luxury goods at this time. Your financial situation remains stable for the rest of the year.


According to your love horoscope for 2020, this year will go very well for you. It could create a love story at work that will change your whole life. This means that one of your employees is most likely already targeting you. You shouldn’t rush into anything with this romance. The slower you go, the better. This year will also be good for people who want to get married.

People who are interested in getting married should start this in September. The obstacles that usually arise in your relationship will be blown away at this point. From the third quarter, you will be able to start a new life with your lover at the latest.


This year, Saturn will create an advantageous time for the Capricorn as a whole in its relationship. This will be particularly beneficial for the work area, as you will go to work with a more relaxed attitude than last year. But make sure that some of your family members do not negatively affect you.

This could harm your partnership in the long run. If you are still single, you will get the chance to establish new relationships in the first half of the year. You also get several options for turning an acquaintance into a romance. 


The year will be mixed for your family life. But ultimately, family love and collaboration will be further deepened with the influence of Jupiter and Mercury. With the right attitude, every problem in your family can be solved, dear Capricorn.

You can finally solve a dispute that has been going on between some family members for years. From spring you will finally be able to concentrate fully on your family. Your family members will notice this and will respect you more for it. This will also help improve your status with more distant relatives.

However, one aspect that can cause problems is the financial expense for family expenses in August. You should stay realistic and try not to spend too much at once during this time. Overall, living together in your family will be quite relaxed this year. In order to maintain peace constantly, you should put yourself in the position of the other members. Children will make great progress in school this year.


 From a health perspective, 2020 looks pretty good for the Capricorn. You will be full of vitality and energy from July. This is mainly due to the advantageous location of Saturn. Your emotional well-being will be strongly influenced by it so that you can literally feel the urge to move. Regular exercise will give your body a high level of energy.

However, unfavorable situations could arise in October. Health problems could spoil your zest for life. With this feeling, unfortunately, your self-discipline also drops temporarily. By the end of the year, however, it will be easier for you to resume your routine. During this time, pay particular attention to a balanced diet.


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