The 12 Zodiac Couples Who Have A Love-Hate Relationship

Love-Hate Relationship

The 12 Zodiac Couples Who Have A Love-Hate Relationship

It’s hard to realize that the love you built is a pure story. In reality, it is full of pain, sadness, and constant suffering that steals more tears than laughter. However, something prevents saying goodbye. Sometimes it’s a habit, other times codependency, the joke is that we stay where they break us, humiliate us and treat us with the tip of the foot. These zodiac sign couples know what I’m talking about, they have a love-hate relationship, they can hate each other but not leave each other. These are the 12 couples who have a love-hate relationship:

Aries and Virgo  

What does an Aries do with a Virgo? The truth is that theirs is intense from the first moment, a strange attraction that tastes negative, however, they decide to let themselves go because the adrenaline that together generates surpasses everything. The chemistry is so passionate that it makes them imagine the perfect fairy tale, even if it is very far from reality. Somehow, they have a great time when their lips meet, but… the moment the crush breaks down they find themselves with two opposite personalities. Virgo wants calm and Aries needs risk. Theirs becomes such a crazy love that it makes them forget their expectations. If they want to function without falling into the toxic, both have to give in. 

Taurus and Scorpio 

There is no doubt that Taurus has a soft spot for the way Scorpio handles life. He loses himself in his swagger, in that lovely way of looking and the intensity that overflows every time he caresses. Taurus and Scorpio find a unique bond, they do exactly what they would not do with anyone else, because it is a very pushy love, to do it or stay with the desire. The two have certain similarities, for example, their intelligence and the loyalty with which they give themselves. They are desperately attracted to each other, but there is a small detail. Mistrust, both have a controlling side and dramatic movies can be made in the mind if no one stops them. That’s when they can get hurt and they’re not even sure what’s going on. The bad thing is that if they are not careful they can end up in a constant battle. 

Gemini and Aquarius 

It’s funny because many times the relationship between a Gemini and an Aquarius is painted as perfect. They are both liberal, intelligent signs and they don’t really like ties. However, so much similarity can become toxic if they are not careful. Beyond the attraction between the two on a mental, spiritual and physical level, there are also downturns that can lead to instability. The two are very inconsistent and if one gets lost out of the blue, the other can misinterpret it. That’s when things are kept, they don’t say anything, but the distance becomes evident. Gemini lets go easily, but Aquarius isn’t willing to deal with drama every day. By not talking, things end up moving away from each other and it will hardly be a solution. 

Cancer and Pisces 

It even seems like a joke, how is it possible that the most sensitive signs of the zodiac end up in the middle of the pain of having a relationship? Both Cancer and Pisces deserve something beautiful, full of prosperity and love. However, when they are together they can fall on the other side of the coin. Their intensity is so great that they cannot find how to deal with their emotions. Both take situations very personally and by not saying anything the glass fills up until it overflows. You really don’t want to see a Pisces and a Cancer, angry, they are very hurtful and at the moment all they want is for the other to learn their lesson. That can lead them to a power struggle, in which they treat each other badly but cannot be left. 

Leo and Sagittarius 

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, Leo and Sagittarius are proof that it exists and that it is enough for them to meet so that they cannot say goodbye for a long time, even if being together is synonymous with anxiety and sad moments. When their personalities meet, the passion button turns on, the chemistry is so great that the defects are superfluous and that’s when they ignore the famous red flags. Theirs is impulsiveness, they want to do what they like and they don’t stop for a single moment. If they both set their mind to it, they conquer the world without a problem. The bad thing is when their egos want to take center stage at the same time. There they are going to have to calm down because they both become too explosive. 

Virgo and Aquarius 

Opposites attract, but lives can also be bitter in a very cruel way. When we start a relationship it is very common for us to adorn the person in front of us and this does not mean that Aquarius or Virgo is bad, not at all. It’s just that they have a hard time finding the banner of peace. Getting to know each other invites them to test themselves all the time and that somehow becomes attractive. However, when the wave of falling in love disappears, they find someone completely different from their ideals. Aquarius, doesn’t want rules or structures, he’s intelligent and it’s easy for him to start a conversation with Virgo, but he’s not willing to keep up with his pace. While Virgo feels lost when chaos knocks on their door. All the time they both feel between a rock and a hard place, because they love each other, but it’s hard for them to change. 

Libra and Pisces 

At first glance, it seems like a great idea that Pisces and Libra can understand each other in matters of love, however, not everything is honey and flakes. Both are very understanding, dedicated, and caring beings and that can make them feel vulnerable all the time in terms of love. Let’s say that when Libra breaks down, so does Pisces, because she breaks down the person she loves. If they want to have a life together they are going to have to work very hard to set limits and embrace their dark sides. At first, they don’t notice these differences because their intensity prevents them, but then the castle falls apart and that’s when they only have two options: leave or work hard enough to channel their emotions and save the relationship. 

Scorpio and Leo 

Power, intensity, love, pride, and a fire that is capable of tearing down anyone who tries to interfere in the relationship, are what happens when Scorpio and Leo decide to unite their lives. Undoubtedly, the emotional part is also important, especially on the part of Scorpio, who, although he presents himself as independent and not very affectionate couple, inside is a sweet bunny capable of delivering everything that is in his heart. When Leo is delivered, honesty goes first, they don’t mess around and put their cards on the table. Both are in formal relationships and are not willing to settle for anything halfway. The detail here is that the two have the character of a thousand demons, if they get angry they go to the most hurtful of their catalog and rarely regret anything. This fills the bond with insecurities and by not saying anything the resentment grows. 

Sagittarius and Libra 

At first, it all seems like a wonderful fragment of love. Really, the romance between Sagittarius and Libra flows so naturally that many times it begins as a friendship until it becomes something more. They are more alike than they think, both in search of that spiritual peace. They both fight for their dreams and don’t like to feel tied down, although Libra is a bit more familiar in that regard. However, both have a passionate side, which does not listen to reasons and when they decide to walk away, they leave. That’s when they can fall for this end-and-return game. Sagittarius is a very changeable and indecisive Libra, by not siding with him they fall into constant instability. 

Capricorn and Cancer 

Life is so much fun when it makes two seemingly opposite souls end up more in love than ever. Capricorn has a hard time sharing his emotions, he is very reserved in that regard, but when he does he gives himself in such a genuine way that it makes you feel safe. That is exactly what catches Cancer, he wants stability and to be able to sleep peacefully, without fear that the person he loves ends up being a traitor. The problem is that Capricorn can feel suffocated by so much love from Cancer. While Cancer wants more love, and hugs, to show him facts about how much they love him. That is a barrier between the two and little by little their relationship becomes bleak. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius 

A passionate, crazy, fun bond. One of those couples who know no limits, of those who shout their love to the four winds, and if they feel like it tomorrow they end up at the altar. That’s how they are, they don’t need anyone’s approval to give free rein to what they feel. The problem is that at the end of the trip, they thirst to walk from one place to another and they meet their independent selves. They don’t always feel like being together and when their egos visit them they have the worst arguments. The worrying thing is that they both regret it very quickly and after saying the worst to each other, they remind each other how much they love each other. This is very insane because they pretend to fix their problems under the covers when in reality they are breaking down all the time. 

Pisces and Capricorn 

A couple in which dreams are everything one day and the next you have to seek stability because otherwise, Capricorn feels out of place. At first, they complement each other wonderfully, but later certain details appear that can lead them to live an Apache love. Capricorn needs to be in control of everything, he doesn’t let his emotions rule him and the more practical things are for him, the better. While Pisces, bets on the interior, on deep talks, and the fears that have haunted you since childhood. They see things in such a different way that it is impossible for the fights not to be present. They try but cannot meet the expectations of the other, because that would be synonymous with going against their own essence. The bad thing is that they are both experts in hiding that everything is fine and that’s when they start to feel negative things between them. They won’t let go because they adore each other, however, they need to work on communication more because at any moment they are going to explode. 

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