The 10 main qualities of Scorpion




Sign of all contrasts, Scorpio is not always the pet peeve that we tend to imagine. Although he has an indomitable character and difficult to define, it is full of qualities of heart that make him, a sign of the most endearing astrological. See instead.

1. His passion:

Whatever he does, a Scorpion always does it with passion. Indeed, it is someone who lives intensely because he does not want to regret ageing. Thus, whether it is his romantic relationships, friendly, his professional or personal projects, he always benefits 100%!

2. His determination:

When he has one thing in mind, the Scorpion will not let go until his goal is accomplished. When making decisions, nothing and no one will make him change his mind. It’s simple, he will stop at nothing!

3. His ability to bounce:

A difficult situation? Yes and so? Scorpion impresses with its ability to move forward. And it’s not a failure that will make him give up, quite the contrary. Indeed, he is able to question himself easily and knows how to handle crisis situations like no one!

4. It’s integrity:

A Scorpion worthy of his name is of incomparable integrity. It’s someone who does not know how to pretend. The advantage? He is not the type to lie. Disadvantage? He can hurt when he says what he thinks without filter!

5. His idealism:

We would not believe but the Scorpion overflows with good feelings. He is one of those people who want to improve the world and help humanity. And to top it off, he also has a realistic side that perfectly balances his ideals.

6. His strength of conviction:

As it was said earlier, Scorpio is an idealist. The result is an unparalleled strength of conviction. Indeed, whatever the field (humanitarian cause, animal protection, safeguarding culture …), it is driven by a force that pushes it to act for the good cause.

7. His loyalty:

With his friends, Scorpio is exceptionally loyal. He will always be there in case of trouble and will be an attentive ear and an excellent confidant. It’s simple, if he is not betrayed, it could well be that he keeps the same friends until death!

8. His instinct:

With an instinct above average, Scorpio has the gift of feeling things. Moreover, it is said that he always has a train in advance. Indeed, he can guess what he does not know and find the flaws of people in front of him. Which makes him an excellent negotiator.

9. Its protective side:

With his family, Scorpio is extremely attentive. If a friend is in a difficult situation, he will take it under his wing to help him outdo himself. In fact, he often has the role of guardian angel. But, once again, be careful not to betray him …

10. Its natural charm:

With a natural and magnetic charm, Scorpion does not need to play pretend to please. He is so sensual that he often represents the object of all desires and fantasies …

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