The 10 main flaws of the Libra



No, Libra is not the most perfect astrological sign of the zodiac. As a little angel, she hides imperfections that can make her unbearable. Discover the 10 main flaws of Libra that make her a little demon … 

1. His legendary indecision:

If Libra is the sign of balance, it is also the sign of indecision. Always hesitant, she is able to take hours to make a small decision. Indeed, she is the type to weigh the pros and cons for anything …

2. His lack of initiative:

Libra is the most contradictory astrological sign it is. She loves adventure but is unable to take risks. She likes novelty but hates changes. In fact, her lack of initiative mixed with her indecision makes her a spectator of her own life.

3. Its inferiority complex:

It’s well known, Libra lacks self-confidence. She often feels like she is below others. Result? Libra does not dare to assert itself and sometimes it is criticized for lacking personality.

4. His dependence on others:

In life, there are leaders and followers. As for Libra, she is clearly on the side of the followers. Indeed, she needs others to be pushed and feel alive. She can not do anything alone and is always waiting for others to get started.

5. His laziness:

To postpone what she could do today is the daily life of a person born under the sign of Libra. It is repugnant to the effort and does not support too important responsibilities. However, that does not make her a fake employee. She is far too conscientious for that …

6. His impressionable side:

Because she is dependent on others, Libra is highly suggestible. Specifically, it is not she who will take initiatives of course, but if her family push her to do something unexpected, it will do to impress.

7. Its superficiality:

Libra loves beautiful things. Moreover, it is often said of her that she is an elegant and refined person. But its attraction to luxury and appearance makes it superficial and capricious with a taste for vanity.

8. His fear of change:

Of a wise and balanced nature, Libra hates change. At work for example, it should not be jostled. If asked to change the way she works, she will feel confused or even panicky and will not know how to do it.

9. His lack of naturalness:

By dint of wanting to give the best image of her to the people she meets, Libra lacks naturalness. She wants to be so perfect to others that she becomes egocentric …

10. His love instability:

In love, Libra can hide her game. If she seems passionate in love, she actually hides a thirst for new experiences. Indeed, she gets tired very quickly and is never satisfied. Result? It is a frivolous sign which multiplies the conquests …

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