Capable of both the best and the worst, Scorpio is the most complex astrological sign of the Zodiac. One thing is certain, it is better to avoid being his enemy. The proof with these 10 faults that make Scorpio, an evil and formidable person!

1. His excessive temperament:

Extreme and passionate astrological sign, the Scorpion does not know how to do in the half-measure. With him, it’s all or nothing! Result ? His needs to go after things (even impossible) often push him to drift.

2. His aggressiveness:

It is well known, Scorpio is a compulsive person. If someone tells him something wrong, he will become aggressive whether consciously or unconsciously. The worst? It’s because he can show himself like that to an object!

3. Its manipulative side:

Competitive in the soul, Scorpio is ready to do anything to get what he wants. It’s a diabolical strategist who knows how to go about turning the brains of his opponents without them realizing it!

4. His possessiveness:

In love as in friendship, Scorpio is extremely (always in the extreme that one!) Possessive. In reality, he feels a need to dominate the people he loves to the point of becoming invasive …

5. Its mysterious character:

Sign of the Zodiac complicated, Scorpio is impossible to define. Indeed, you never know what he thinks and what to expect! FYI, this shell is used to protect itself from the outside world. Because the Scorpion is wary of everyone!

6. Its destructive tendency:

Scorpio spends its time torturing itself. But as if that was not enough, he happens to cause confusion among those around him when he is bored. In lack of thrills, he is able to go for the little beast where there is no and thus causes difficult situations by pure sadism.

7. His stubborn side:

When he has an idea in mind, the Scorpion will do everything to go to the end. Indeed, he shows an obstinate attachment to his decisions! The problem ? It is able to do anyone for an impossible fight.

8. His authority:

Of a non-conformist and rebellious nature, Scorpio hates being told what to do. He does not accept orders or criticisms but prefers to give them. In fact, he does what he would not like to be done when he shows authority!

9. His provocative side:

Often misunderstood, Scorpio masters the art of provocation to make itself heard. Whether it happens or not, he does not mince his words when he says what he thinks to the point of becoming brutal and mean. He acts mercilessly by not skimping on his means to achieve his ends!

10. His resentment:

Never betray a Scorpion. You understood ? Because you will risk to drool all your life. Indeed, the Scorpion is very loyal with his relatives. But if one of them betrays him, he turns into a ferocious beast! Indeed, he is capable of harassing and persecuting his prey for revenge.


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