That’s Why Your Ex Was Totally Wrong For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

That’s Why Your Ex Was Totally Wrong For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

We have all made mistakes in life – also in love. Maybe you’ve had a partner who wasn’t right for you at all. Astrology probably knows why things didn’t work out for you.

Here’s why your ex was totally wrong for you, according to your zodiac sign:

1. Capricorn

His unpredictability of emotions made your ex incredibly frustrating for you, and his often rational and open communication style just didn’t match his actions.

These seemed completely clouded or irrational. You had to let him go because you need someone by your side who is stable in life and keeps his word.

2. Aquarius

Your ex thought control was the only way for him to process his emotions and make sure you were really sticking with him.

But he did the opposite. You wanted to offer him your emotional support, but he just gave you the cold shoulder. He was just completely wrong for you. You need someone who is confident inside. 

3. Pisces

He called you several times a day to check what you were doing and who was with you. Your ex also kept posting super exciting Instagram stories to prove he was successful and that he was the one for you.

But you don’t pay attention to that anymore. You look back to your own needs and desires. You’ve been trying to be considerate of him for far too long. You have to be free in your relationship.

4. Aries

When you were together, your ex knew exactly what to say to get you completely pumped. Once he bonded with you and got close to you, he would constantly provoke you and start fight after fight.

The truth is, he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and was looking for a way to walk away from you again. His ego was just way too big to handle you as an adult.

5. Taurus

Your ex was very dishonest in his approach. He often relied on manipulation to gain as much liking from you as possible.

You thought you got a good catch with him, but it was all a lie. You only concentrate on your life and let him pick up the pieces himself. What you need is someone who is sincere.

6. Gemini  

Your ex was often fiercely independent and self-sufficient, a trait you often admired throughout your relationship. However, by the end of the relationship, you will surely have realized that your ex tried to shut you out of your life emotionally and physically to protect themselves.

This made a relationship almost impossible. You are someone who wants to build a family with your partner. You really don’t need problems like this.

7. Cancer

You were caught up in this emotional tug-of-war with your ex for a while until he could find a stable emotional outlet through a new relationship or a close friend.

Up until then, you were going through a really twisted emotional roller coaster ride with him. Be glad he’s not in your life anymore and not messing things up anymore. You need someone who radiates harmony and balance.

8. Leo

Your ex was totally wrong for you because he was way too submissive towards you. And that will never work for you. You are too strong a personality – someone who likes to always be in charge and be the center of attention.

But you need a partner who would be willing to argue with you just so that there is some kind of control and balance in the relationship.

9. Virgo

As a Virgo, you are highly intelligent and have an incredible sense of humor. Nobody takes that away from you.

However, there’s also no denying that you tend to fall in love with people who don’t really appreciate your intelligence for what it is. Therefore, you often ended up in misunderstandings and conflicts with your ex. That’s why the relationship with him never worked out.

10. Libra

The reason your ex never worked out was that he never really loved you for anything other than how you looked. It may sound harsh, but he just wasn’t interested in your inner worth.

He had no real appreciation for who you are as a person and didn’t really appreciate the kind of personality you had. You need someone who sees what’s really inside you.

11. Scorpio

You are a very hardworking and intelligent person. And you adapt so quickly to new things because you learn so quickly.

But you couldn’t make it work with your ex because he was never really willing to compromise with you. And that is essential in every relationship. You need someone who wants to work on the relationship as much as you do. Only then can it really work?

12. Sagittarius

You’re extended to possess an untouchable charm that drew people to him – including you – well, at least to a point. Yes, he exuded positive energy and you wanted to connect with him at all costs.

But when it came time to take the relationship to a new level, he was quick to leave and leave you alone. He didn’t want to grow. And you needed someone to move your life forward with instead of just standing still.


That's Why Your Ex Was Totally Wrong For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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