An alpha woman is a dominant, independent woman who bravely goes through life without asking for help.

She is emotionally strong, often successful in many areas of life, and above all, she does not let anyone stop her.

Reading this description makes it sound like we all like to be this woman for at least a day.

She sounds like a real superhero, right?

Well, what you do not know is that not all alpha women express their personalities the same way.

In fact, every woman has certain characteristics of an alpha woman, and you are no exception.

Keep reading to find out what makes you an alpha woman based on your star sign.



Nobody can keep up with your daring.

You follow your goals and are not afraid to face anyone in the world to realize your goals and dreams.

You might be suspected of all sorts of things, but being a fig definitely does not matter.



What makes you an alpha woman is a way you look after your fellow human beings.

It does not matter if it’s your friends, acquaintances or family members – you’re literally ready to die for your loved one.

You protect them and serve them as a shield against the cruelty of the world.



Your biggest alpha quality is the fact that you never give up.

You never lose sight of your goals, and never turn away from those who are close to you.

No matter what the person you love does, you will never turn your back on her.



Some may say that your sensitivity is a weakness, but the truth is that your soft heart is your greatest strength.

You do not know the word selfish at all, and your compassion never leaves you.



As for Leo women, their ambition and the fact that they never settle for being someone else’s choice makes them an alpha woman.

No matter what you tackle, you always strive to be the best in it and accept no failure.



You are someone who puts people in order.

This ability enables you to become a professional healer.

So if something is wrong with you, somehow you will always find a way to fix your damage and keep going.



As Libra, your alpha trait is independence.

It’s not that you’re a loner, you just know that you can do it without someone else.

You are fully aware that you are a perfect individual who does not need a hand to be led through life.



You are loyal to yourself and others.

You remain true to your principles and are unwilling to lower your claims.

That does not make you picky. It just means that you know what you want and will not settle for less.



As a Sagittarius, you are a born leader.

People are always alert when you have something to say and follow your example because they feel you know what you are doing.

But make sure that this is not just a power position – it’s also a big responsibility.



If you’re an ibex, what makes you an alpha woman is your self-confidence.

No matter what, you always believe in yourself and your abilities.

That does not mean that you are cocky, but that you know your own value!



Your dignity is your strongest alpha trait.

You do not let anyone destroy your dignity, and you do not forgive anyone trying to get you killed.

This feature brought you many tears, but all your worries have paid off, knowing that you never dropped your principles.



People may see you as a gentle soul (which is not far from the truth), but what they do not realize at first glance is how tough you actually are.

No matter what happens to you, you will always find a way to maintain your optimism and recover.

Nothing and nobody can beat you and even if you try, you come back even stronger.


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