That’s why dating is more difficult from 30

Are you over 30 and finding it difficult to find a new partner? There are many reasons for this – and in some cases, you even contribute to it

Have you already found your dream partner?

Are you over 30 and single? Then you have probably already asked yourself why it is so difficult to find a new man by your side. But it is not really surprising that women over 30 often stay alone longer. These are the reasons.

1. The choice is smaller

Take a look around in your circle of friends: How many of your friends are single? Anyone who is in a relationship takes a man “off the market”. Of course, you wouldn’t want to hang out with your friends’ partners, but this shows that many men over 30 are already in a committed relationship and are therefore out of reach for you.

2. Your demands are higher

When you are younger, you often don’t know where your life will lead you. But if you are over 30 you usually have a very precise idea of ​​what you want and, above all, whatnot. This principle also applies to men. If you were more likely to compromise in the past, the demands are significantly higher in your thirties. After all, you’ve evolved and now you’ve got plenty to offer. So it is understandable that you expect a lot from your potential partner. The fact that only a few can meet these requirements further reduces the choice.

3. Dating apps target different audiences

Tinder, Once, Candidate, and numerous other dating apps work well for many people because they make it easy to connect two people together. However, the motives of many people on these platforms are quite clear. Those over 30 may be less looking for a quick adventure for one night and much more for a partner for life. If you’re lucky, you’ll find this there too, but the chances of having quick love are much better.

4. You are not ready to make any changes

When you are over 30, your life is likely to run smoothly. You have your routines, your plans, and your ideas. It is extremely unlikely that a man would be an ideal match for all of this. And the older you get, the less willing you are to change anything about these ideas.

5. Men are more likely to seek younger women

While you look for men your age in “real life” or in dating apps, the opposite love prefers to keep an eye on younger women at this stage of life. So it happens that you and the potentially suitable gentlemen look past each other, with the effect that you are still single in the end.

6. Men have a past life

Anyone looking for a partner in their early 20s has a decisive advantage: the men enter the relationship largely unencumbered. If you are still looking for things from the age of 30, many of them have a lot more history with them: They are still or were married, may even have children, or have suffered one or the other injury from previous relationships that affect their current behavior. An unloaded start is rather difficult.


That's why dating is more difficult from 30

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