That is why independent and strong women are often unlucky in love

We all know that there are so many beautiful and intelligent women who somehow always end up with the wrong guys. You just don’t seem to find the right one. Most of the time, they have one bad date after another and begin to doubt that they will ever find a match for themselves.

You compare yourself to other women and find that being happy in a relationship isn’t impossible. The question quickly arises: Why don’t I have that?

The reality is that women who have good intentions and are well educated struggle to find a man by their side. Women who, on the other hand, hardly make any effort in the partnership and are less well educated usually have it easier.

You may have noticed that men are mostly affected when facing an independent and confident woman. Yes, that might add to these women having more trouble finding the right one. But in the relationship itself, the woman’s status or career will hardly add much to how strong the love is. In addition, every man has very different needs and no man will love a woman anymore if she changes for him. 

A man will love his wife for who she really is. He doesn’t want his wife to do things just for him and he won’t love her anymore just because she is starting her own business or pursuing a well-paying career.

Nevertheless, it has been shown that independent women who strive for high performance for themselves and out of their own motivation have more problems finding a partner than women who are more dependent on their partner.

There are many reasons men may not be interested in, or even have a problem with, independent women. This is where the natural conditions come into play, which none of us can control. Another aspect is definitely the man’s ego. 

1. Women who are independent affected men

There are many men out there who can’t stand meeting someone who is more successful than them. It’s so stupid, but this inferiority complex of them prevents them from even approaching an independent woman. You probably feel like you are constantly looking for someone who has enough confidence in themselves to realize that you are not a threat. Unfortunately, there are few such types.

2. Women who are independent have high expectations

You are picky. And honestly, why shouldn’t you be? Forever is a long time, and if you’re going to be with someone for that long, you definitely shouldn’t just settle down with anyone like that. The independent woman has a long list of qualities she expects in a boyfriend because this is how her life works: She has ambitions no matter what area of ​​her life it is – and yes, that includes love. When a man falls in love with an independent woman, he must meet these standards. Unfortunately, most men just aren’t ready for this type of pressure.

3. Women who are independent are more likely to see through lies

Of course, it is usually a problem for women, as it is for men, to fully trust their partner. Many are simply afraid that their heart could be broken because they have already had various experiences. Some women, on the other hand, seem very gullible and fall into the trap of men. Regardless of whether you are too naive or too suspicious – both extremes are of course not healthy in a partnership.

Independent women, however, also see clearly when a man is fooling them or simply lying to them. Men know that they cannot talk their way out of such a woman and therefore sometimes reject them outright because they do not want a woman to see through them so easily.

4. Women who are independent never give up their lives for their partner

You will never forget in your relationship that you had a full life before you met the man, and thus you are still preoccupied with your dreams and goals. This sometimes makes planning time with your partner difficult. You know that you have your appointments and you don’t cancel them for your partner, but continue on your way.

This may even stress you a little because you don’t know whether you can bring all these different facets of your life into harmony. Not to mention that when you get home you are almost always exhausted. This is extremely unusual for many men.

5. Women who are independent are serious about love

An independent woman wants a real partner by her side. Independent women do not want a husband in the sense that the man is basically like their father. You want a legitimate partner. It’s more like this: she wants a best friend who happens to have love with me. That’s it. She works full time and he works full time. 

If she has children with him, she shares the responsibility. It is not that an independent woman is solely responsible for the children and the household. And so it is with the bills – she pays the same share as he does. Unfortunately, many men still have a very conservative view of these roles and are therefore sometimes put off by independent women.


That is why independent and strong women are often unlucky in love

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