That is why dating in the 21st century is a nightmare for honest people

Most would assume that finding a partner is much easier these days than it used to be. Finally, compared to our parents’ generation, we can take advantage of the internet and reach people around the world in seconds.

Regardless of whether you are straight or the same gender, whether you are looking for a short-term flirt or a friendship-plus relationship, there is literally something for everyone. You can simply choose the right dating app and meet someone you like. 

But to find something really serious, sometimes a dating app is not the right choice. Because often the people who have registered in these apps are either not looking for a long-term relationship or they just want to distract themselves from their ex-partner. Very few have the courage to feel something real and to allow their true emotions. 

People today prefer to have several partners to sleep with instead of just being with one person. They want quick romance rather than feeling a real connection with someone. They want to keep their options open and never commit themselves. It’s also much easier and more exciting when you can be with several people instead of just being with one person. 

We definitely don’t want to feel real feelings. That’s why we prefer to post on Facebook that we are angry with someone rather than confronting them directly. We want to play this game so we can see if we can make it or not. And of course, we want to be better than everyone else and win the game. 


We have forgotten to take care of others and only do things for ourselves. We have stopped sharing our feelings and learned to leave others in ignorance in order to look good. We turned it into a guessing game in which you always have to guess the other person’s intention. We do this so that we don’t appear weak or vulnerable.

Whoever is least concerned wins the game. Isn’t it like that?


Because if you pretend that you are numb or don’t care about anything, you will miss many good opportunities to build deep relationships with people. You could have many profound experiences with these people. And these memories could be the most precious thing you will ever have. 

When we like someone, we do everything we can to show ourselves at our best so that they don’t think we are boring or uninteresting. That’s perfectly fine too. But you should stay a decent person and never try to fool other people. 

You shouldn’t make another person feel like you’re completely indifferent to the situation when you really don’t care. I would never make someone feel that I don’t care about them even though I care about them. People I meet will always know how I feel about them. Because I will show my feelings openly, no matter whether I want this person by my side in the future or not. 

A decent person does that. He would never despise anyone or pretend to be. I want to let others know when I feel connected to them and don’t let them sit in ignorance for months. A person I like shouldn’t have to wonder whether I really like them or not. 

Why should I take 3 hours to answer someone when I could answer them right away? Why should I play a game or talk around it to make him curious? Am I not interesting enough to need that?


I want to show everyone that I respect them and I don’t want to take advantage of anyone, although sometimes I might have the chance. Why should I tell someone that I just want to hang out with them when I actually hope it will be a date? I am honest and tell me directly what expectations and wishes I have. Then at least I know where I am with this person and he knows what he is with me. I would rather know if someone is really interested in me or just playing a game to see how far they can get with me. Why should I torment myself with it for months and waste my time by thinking for hours about what this person is feeling for me now?

Of course, we all just want to survive in this modern world. As an honest person, it may not always be that easy. We don’t want to be hurt and we are very afraid of rejection. But to really find someone who has true feelings for us, we have to face fear and not keep running away. If you really feel something for someone, you should say this to that person. Because maybe, in the end, you will miss the love of your life because of the whole game of games!


That is why dating in the 21st century is a nightmare for honest people

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