That is the kind of appointment you deserve

You deserve to be invited on a date.

Not just hanging out, watching and chilling Netflix, but a real date.

You deserve to spend two hours getting ready, but saying that it only took you 20 minutes.

You deserve to feel butterflies and wait for your doorbell to ring.

You deserve that he stands with flowers and is ready to open every door.

Do you deserve an appointment where your date asks you what kind of food you like and which you don’t?

You deserve to be considered and valued.

You deserve to share these first moments of silence and let your mind race for the next sentence.

You deserve the moments when you look into each other’s eyes and then shyly look away.

You deserve the time it takes for you to get to know each other, ask questions about your childhood, and what you like and dislike.

Oh and you definitely deserve undivided attention, no cell phones, no snap chat, just two people connecting.

You deserve to walk on the right side of the sidewalk and a person who takes the time to get to know you because both of you are worth it.

You deserve a date that will make your heart beat faster.

Maybe it’s because of what he looks like. Maybe it’s because of how he looks at you. It may have nothing to do with looks – but the way he listens to you and talks to you and behaves in this world makes your heart beat faster.

You think you need to know what makes this person tick. And the very thought of getting to know them makes your heart happy.

You deserve a date that makes your heart happy.

You deserve a date filled with so much laughter that it might as well be a different course in your meal. You both laugh until your bellies hurt, and your face feels like it’s breaking in half because you smile so broadly.

The guests in the restaurant stop to look at both of you, and they too smile – because your happiness and your laughter are infectious.

And it is beautiful.

The laughter you share makes your heart soar with happiness. The sounds of giggles, laughter and deep smiles that come from the soul feel like your favourite song.

You didn’t think there was a person who could understand you, who would appreciate your stupid jokes and your weird sense of humour – and yet they would sit here on the table in front of you. Knowing this makes your heart feel full. You feel good by laughing with him.

You deserve a date on which you feel comfortable.

Your date does not interfere with your personal area. Your date leaves a perfect amount of a physical barrier. Your date moves his body with a gentleness that is evident in every movement he makes.

Your date asks you questions with sincerity – and looks you in the eye as you speak. And when the beauty of your budding romance fills the air, when the chemistry between the two of you feels like it could light a thousand lights around the world, he asks you if it’s okay for him to kiss you.

You deserve a date that is just a date.

Your date is an excursion, a dinner, a movie, a walk in the park. Your date is the promise of a conversation, not the time in your bedroom.

Your date is an opportunity to meet this other person, find out what makes him laugh so much that his eyes wrinkle, how he drinks his coffee, and how he likes his balls.

A date is a couple of hours to tell a little about your story and also hear a little bit about someone else’s. Your date is not a marriage proposal; it’s not an invitation to promise forever, or tomorrow morning, or anything other than just a long conversation.

Maybe you want to build on this conversation – maybe you want more laughter, more stupid jokes and more kisses.

Or maybe you go home and think that it was nice to meet someone else, but that date no longer aroused interest in knowing it – and it’s not because it was stupid, gruesome, or terrible – it is because sometimes a date is just a date.

And that’s fine too.

Because you deserve a date that keeps you going to have dates.

You deserve to meet someone who wishes you joy and prosperity, the person who will light up your day. Someone who is infinitely fascinated by you, who loves to surprise you and who makes you feel special.

You deserve to meet someone who is lucky enough to sit next to you – wherever you are – from a park bench to a private yacht while sipping martinis at sunset.

It may sound like a fairy tale, but you deserve to date someone who would cross heaven and earth for you.

You deserve a date with someone who makes you the best version of yourself. It’s just so beautiful to fall in love with someone who wishes you the best and the best intentions.

You deserve a date on which the touch and smile of your partner make you feel alive.

Because in this way you will recognize your worth, you will understand that you deserve to be with someone who appreciates your soul and who is not afraid to help you heal your broken heart.

Sometimes as women we forget what we deserve.

Sometimes it’s because we didn’t have anyone to show it to, or we got the belief that we don’t deserve it.

Sometimes we just don’t know better.

If no one ever told youyou deserve a date that you’ll always remember with a smile.


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