Sometimes it is the broken heart that finds the true path to love. Thank you for breaking my heart.

Thank you for not believing in my dream. That you called it a “hobby”. Thank you for forbidding me to open a jewelry business and for calling my ideas “unrealistic”.

It made me dream a little more and my business is stronger from my dreams and from your rejection.

Thank you for your terrible comments on my body. That you call me fat For making rude comments on certain parts of my anatomy. It forced me to fall in love with every curve, crevice, and bump associated with this soul and my body and soul are more in tune and in love with each other than ever before.

But most of all, thank you for not believing in it forever.
Thanks for trying to control me. For doing your best to put me in the box. To treat me like a trophy or some kind of candy.

It forced me to know my worth and to stand proudly on my own two feet and I stand tall and proud even though I would have sat quietly in the corner before.

Thank you for being emotionally unavailable and cold. For thoughtlessness and carelessness. Because sometimes you’re just cruel. It forced me to seek emotional sobriety, to work hard on myself, and to have compassion for those who suffer like you.

Today I am more of the person I wanted to be than I ever thought possible.

Thank you for being generous and telling me to keep the ring even though I can’t keep your heart. It forced me to investigate what a ring really means and that is an important thing a designer of a custom engagement ring needs to understand.

Did you know that in India the energy of a piece of jewelry is stored in the stone? I freed this stone from its position and released the tidal wave of tears from my heart. And my compassion for lovers and my joy for my clients are limitless now that I have received an understanding of how those tears washed my heart of bitterness and regret.

But most of all, thank you for not believing in it forever. Because you can see that I took this diamond and c so that he can propose marriage to his great love…

So that they can have a happy and solid marriage based on mutual trust and respect. So that I can see her example for the rest of the time.

I may never find true love again, but it doesn’t matter. Because I was forced to love myself.
And that’s the most romantic love story of all.


Thank you to the man who broke my heart

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