I just thought you were what I wanted, but you weren’t, you were just a taste. I learned that you were not what I wanted, but only a fragment of it. I didn’t realize what I wanted, but after a while I started to realize how much I was not winning, how much I missed it, when in the end I wanted all these missing pieces.

After all, I needed a lot more than you could ever give me. I needed a connection, but you didn’t want to commit much. I needed support, help, affection, but you didn’t give it to me.

But whatever, I want to thank you. Because if I had not met you, I would not have learned what I wanted and I deserve much more. Thanks for letting me know that I deserve so much more, and it’s over there. You couldn’t give it to me, but someone else will surely do it someday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you think you are not getting what you deserve in your relationship, let it go. Get out, stop wasting your time being unhappy. You cannot change a person or ask them to be something they are not, sometimes it is literally not. And the more time you spend with the person who gives you the little you isolate yourself from the world and the others who CAN give you everything you deserve and deserve. It’s like sticking to a job that you no longer like and that you no longer benefit from.

Please don’t settle. When you settle for little, let the universe understand that this little coin is all you want to receive, when you only do it because you depreciate and decrease your value. Get out of this relationship and fall in love with yourself. Because someone who is confident, confident and happy is the best type of person to love. They are happy alone and know their value, so they will not be satisfied a little.

When you love yourself completely, you don’t have time to take care of this little one, you will only have eyes for what you deserve. And you will get it.


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