Thank You For Breaking It

I have a kind of unusual and eternal wish, to thank you for breaking it and sending it directly to the crook of my arms.

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I never would have had the opportunity to bring her into my life if you had known how to appreciate and treat her properly.

I suppose the misfortune of one makes the happiness of the other.

You probably do not know much about me. But you certainly know the main thing – I’m the one who appreciated what you took for granted.

I am the one who saw that she was the sun behind the clouds that you had made to get up. I am the one who knew how to give him the love she deserved.

Unfortunately, I know a lot about you. Probably more than I should because I’m his new boyfriend.

But it could not be otherwise. She needed someone to listen to her.

She needed someone who understood. She needed someone to trust.

Thanks to you, she is much happier with me . I can not take all the credit for it.

I just stood by her as she stood up. I only kissed her pain for her to go away.

I only offered her my shoulders to cry and wiped her tears. I only took advantage of her smile and did my best to make it last. I stayed, whatever happened.

I never thought anyone could even think of hurting her and inflicting so much pain on her.

But you had no problem doing that. Despite the number of times she told me the story and the way you mistreated her, I never figured out what kind of man is capable of such things.

The damage you caused him left deep scars, I’m aware. But they also shaped it and made it what it is today .

She is stronger than ever. The world is at her feet and she dreams of everything.

She just needs someone who believes in her to start believing in herself.

You have degraded his self-esteem. She had no faith in her anymore. You pushed her to think she was off-putting, that she was not good enough.

You pushed her to think that she was not worthy of your time and your attention.

You transferred your own anxieties into her, you lied to her and manipulated her. You are what the human being does worst.

You psychologically emptied it. She was tired of everything.

She thought that things would never go well because they had been wrong for too long.

She was used to everything going wrong and it had become normal.

The first time I met her, she was afraid . She was afraid that I was like you and she had trouble opening up to me.

She feared that by lowering her guards, by opening again, she would end up suffering once more.

She feared that I would be sweet and charming at first, as you were and that I would show her my true nature only when it would be too late.

I was scared too . Afraid of being nothing more than a means of bouncing, that she would have left once cured.

Fortunately, I later learned that she was unable to use anyone. Ell

I just needed to carry her burden with her, that I give her time to heal her wounds. The time to be able to trust again.

I did not do much, she did everything . But the little I did, I did it effortlessly. Without even thinking about it, I made it a priority.

I appreciated it for what it was and I never thought of changing it. Everything seemed perfect.

I knew I was going to be here no matter what. I just wanted her to feel safe, I wanted to earn her trust. My wish has been granted.

Now, she loves me as she never loved you. I showed her a life she could never have had with you .

A life full of mutual respect and understanding. A life that sometimes darkens but, much easier to cross when you have someone to share your grief.

A life so simple and at the same time so extraordinary because, against all odds, we found ourselves. A life in which all love is real.

It seems odd that I say thank you for breaking it because it’s the last thing I want for her.

But in a way, I understand why you had to arrive. You had to arrive so that she could find me and especially so that she could find herself. 

If your terrible past had not existed, our paths would never have crossed.

We probably would have been stuck with the wrong people in poor relationships. We would not have been able to enjoy ourselves and to have what we share together.

We would not have been able to build our wonderful life.

So thank you for breaking it because in the hollow of my arms, she found herself. In the hollow of my arms, she found a refuge of peace, she found her home .

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