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Love and Dating

Side feelings, Venus is here to soften your daily life. Passionate reports will punctuate this day placed under the sign of carnal pleasure. The presence of the planet of love in your Heaven frees you from your anxieties related to your love situation: you live your relationship from day to day, without worrying about tomorrow. Whether you are a couple or single, you will have a strong desire to fuel the desire and seduce. Let yourself go, every opportunity is good to amaze the beloved or coveted person.

Health and Fitness

Side health, everything looks good today. A slight headache or back pain could however appear at the end of the day. To keep fit, avoid consuming industrial products or too rich in saturated fats. Also do some physical exercise. If the practice of a sport seems too restrictive, just a few sets of abs and glutes before going to work and about twenty minutes of brisk walking back from work.

Work and Money

Good news for the natives of the sign: an unexpected money entry could come to give a boost to your financial situation. With this little help from Jupiter, your bank account should quickly recover the balance that is currently lacking. However, you will have to pay attention to your non-essential expenses. Having fun from time to time is not a problem. On the other hand, to buy all that one crosses in store, it is to rush straight to the agios.

Family and Friends

Regularly, you try to understand your children by transposing yourself to their current situation. The truth circulates elsewhere. Every era brings a lot of good or bad surprises. Rest assured, even if the great container of life overflows at times, you have the necessary mind to mop up the damage. In any case, for serenity to return, you have no choice but to fully invest in your role as a parent.

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