The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus and for that alone they have a much greater facility to like others, an innate sensuality from birth and an attractiveness that attracts, and much more. But at the same time, they are usually quite cautious. They do not believe things the first time and have enough patience to wait and not jump in when they are not sure about it. And much more on love issues. This is Taurus and love .

Obviously, Taurus has passion in his body. And a lot. Yes, their planet often has a riotous effect on them that can turn their feelings upside down.

It can often despair others, especially signs that want to legalize relationships now, here and now. Taurus is not like that, precisely because he does not like to run, do things quickly and regret to the minute. What’s up, not at all. The bull will take his time and you must respect him. It is not that it takes time to decide because it is not clear to him, it is that he wants to know if there is a “locked cat”. If in the end all that you release from your mouth is simply a story.

Taurus will always be honest enough to show himself as he is. No deception. But they will always expect the other person to do the same to them. He is a person who seeks balance and harmony in his life. As they are, he is not very fond of life’s problems or difficulties. Long-term goals are usually set, and in love , it’s the same. That’s why you enjoy long-term relationships so much more. Because in the end, it is when you can bring out your true self, when you feel safe and by and to be happy. In truth, there is nothing that Taurus likes more than being himself. But that’s not something he teaches just anyone.

El Toro is somewhat demanding, sometimes too much. And it is not worth simply being patient or showing security, that too. You need to see that the person with whom you are going to share everything is really someone with whom you can build a solid and above all reliable future. He caught you here, here I kill you, or I promise you the moon all of a sudden … Mmmm … No, thanks. Taurus already knows how these things end. He will always hate lies, false appearances, and people’s interest in having him now without worrying about hurting the feelings of others. Not that way.

Taurus is looking for a partner for a long journey, a partner who can set goals with her / him. And that it fulfills them. Taurus is looking for someone who improves over the years, intellectually, someone to put down roots with, here, there, that doesn’t matter. Someone special. This is the reality of Taurus and love .

A typical characteristic of this sign is that it is very involved in the life of the couple. From the moment one has decided whether to go ahead with the joint project. He is capable of making great, great sacrifices for his relationship, especially Taurus women. It does not hurt him to spend his time protecting what he considers his, his family, his partner, his friends, and he will dedicate what it takes for there to be a common welfare.

For Taurus, fidelity is key, and he would not tolerate, nor would he ever forgive, such a deception. His character is controlling and often possessive, but he will only be jealous when he sees that something is starting to go wrong.

In short, love with Taurus is not easy from minute one, but once that barrier is crossed, everything becomes complete. It may take more or less time, but remember that Taurus likes people who don’t give up easily. Those who insist on achieving their goals, those who fight for what they want, for what they love. If you’re going to throw in the towel at the first change, you’re not cut out for dating Taurus. That’s for sure. This is Taurus and love .


Taurus And Love

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