A hot flirt or really big feelings? Your horoscope tells you what your zodiac sign can expect in love life this week.

The s**x horoscope for your zodiac this week


You’re in a flirting mood this week! If you notice someone, don’t be afraid to speak to them immediately. This energy is something new for you, so use it! Aries-given do not see their treasure so often the week but make up for the lost time on the weekend, where things are going to be hot.


You’re lucky! Your week is all about love because Venus is above your zodiac sign. Especially on Monday, you can look forward to a surprising encounter. Something really big is coming up to you. Forgiven people are always thinking about how they can finally take their relationship to a higher level.


Now the time of the twins has come and of course, this is also reflected in your zodiac sign. Twin singles are going through life with total optimism and self-confidence this week and are looking for something new. For them, it is a child’s play to laugh at new boys. And the couple is also doing well this week. You have great conversations and experience yourself from a completely different side – it will be exciting.


Don’t be sad, dear cancer, but this week is not going as planned. In order for someone to notice you, you have to get out of yourself more and not crawl into your apartment. But as soon as you set foot in front of the door, you will notice how many great guys are actually waiting for you out there. Forgotten crabs, however, feel a s**xy vibe and surprise their partner.


You have had a look at your crush for a while and now you want to get closer to it? Then this week is your chance. You just spray in front of good vibes and that makes you very well received. The forgiven lion just wants to have fun with his loved one in bed this week and tries out one or the other new position. If you should want to discuss something serious with your loved one, Monday is best.


Just focus on yourself and your needs this week. The past few weeks have been pretty busy, so take a deep breath now and only do the things you like. Virgins who are in a relationship don’t see their sweetheart that often a week. You both have a lot to do but then celebrate your togetherness again at the weekend.


Yay, you are in full bloom this week and can look forward to an exciting date. Who knows what will become of it? In any case, the stars are very good that it could be something serious. Issued scales, on the other hand, spend a very quiet week with their sweetheart. No matter if Netflix and Chill or a cooking evening together, it will be romantic.


Hui! There is a lot going on with you this week. It doesn’t matter whether it is the cute bartender from last week or your new Tinder match – you want to get to know as many guys as possible. Scorpions awarded are completely the opposite this week. You are real couch potatoes and cuddle as much as you can.


You enjoy your life as a single to the full this week and are open to a new flirt or even an affair. Take a look around in your circle of friends, there is someone on you. The relationship shooters, on the other hand, get hot in bed this week. They seduce their sweetheart and show them completely new talents.


Keep your eyes open! Because this week you will find love where you least expect it. A new colleague or a new acquaintance of friends could become your future crush. Capricorn-given can also look forward to lots of love and surprises this week. We only say so much: it will be passionate!


You’re irresistible this week and flirting with what it takes. Especially on weekends, it can get really wild and you will be rewarded with an unforgettable night. But the forgotten among the Aquarians also have a lot of fun with their partner. It won’t stay when you cuddle on the couch.


This week you are totally relaxed and happy with your single life. But be careful, if you don’t look properly, you may be missing an important opportunity when it comes to love. The relationship fish also take it easy this week and make themselves comfortable at home.


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