The world would be a happier place if we could decide how and whom we love.

It would be much easier if, with a snap of the finger, we remove the person who is not the right person for us from our systems, never to think about it again. Unfortunately, things do not work that way, right?

However, sometimes this is exactly what you need to do, even if it looks like an impossible mission.

Sometimes you have to be strong enough to make the decision not to love someone who is obviously not worthy of you or who makes your life miserable.

Sometimes you have to stop waiting for the man who will not return to return. You must stop giving him a place in your life if it’s not what he wants, obviously.

I know that you keep building your hopes and think that the man you love so much will change.

You firmly believe that he will come to your senses and that things between you will be different.

I hate to be the one who breaks your bladder and the one who breaks your heart, but I have to tell you that none of this will ever happen.

He will continue to be the same fool he has always been and you will lose more of your time if you do not stop having a place in your heart for him.

I do not want to be cruel, but it’s obvious that this guy does not love you back and it’s clear he does not deserve your trouble for him.

Worse, he does not want your love either. He does not respect your feelings, he does not appreciate your sacrifices and your loving heart.

What proof do you need to understand that he is not worthy of you? What else does he have to do to finally realize that he will never become the man you need and that he will never be able to give you the love you need?

What has to happen so that you can finally remove it from your heart? So you do not make excuses for him and justify him no longer?

I know that you are looking for reasons all the time. You can not help it and wonder why he does not love you the way he should and why he does all these things to drive you away.

I know that you are looking for an explanation and an end that will help you to go on. Is not he able to love anyone or is it just you who he can not love?

My dear, it is time to accept that these are the questions that will remain unanswered, just as you must accept that waiting for him is in vain. And even if you knew the answer, that would not change it, would it? Why are you keeping busy with it?

Instead of tormenting your mind with the thoughts of this man and wasting your time waiting for him just to get his senses, focus your energy on your ultimate goal, the removal of this man from your system.

It’s time for you to stop giving him the love he does not deserve. You must stop inflicting pain on him and giving him the attention he is not entitled to.

I will not lie to you- that will be anything but easy. Still, it’s something you have to do for your own wellbeing.

It’s time to look the hard truth in the eye and realize the fact that you are nothing more than a plan B and safety net for this man. A woman who puts her life on hold for him if he feels like it.

It’s time to realize that you will never be his priority and his first choice.

It’s time to deviate from this path to nowhere and begin to go your own way. Take your life into your own hands and choose to love yourself more than you love this fool.

It is even more important to choose healing and not pain. Instead of clinging to the past and instead of mourning for happiness, you should choose to let go instead of clinging.

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