Sometimes they come back when you’re over them. After suffering for years from their absence. After spending years to keep going. After it had all the strength, you had to recover from their fall. Sometimes they come back and ask for a second chance when it’s too late to forget all the pain and grief they have inflicted on you.

Sometimes they come back when you finally realize that you deserve better. That you deserve someone who accepts you. Someone who does not go. Someone who chooses you. Someone who does not have to lose you to appreciate you. Someone who does not do anything else about you.

Sometimes they come back when you’re with someone else. Because they love to ruin things for you. Because they thought you would wait forever. Because they were too self-centred and thought you would not find anyone better than them. Because they thought that one would always be content with love. Because they thought they would always come through with everything you taught them.

Sometimes they come back when you do something great. Just to be part of your story. Just to feel that they can still come into your life whenever it suits them, no matter what you do. Just to feel special that you always leave the door open for her. They want your confirmation because they do not need theirs anymore.

Sometimes they come back because they are really sorry. They realized they were messing up. The time is right for her now. You are ready for someone like you. They want to start over because they have changed and they want to get things right again.

But nine times out of ten, they come back when you do not want them anymore. They come back when it’s too late. They come back when the damage is already done. They come back when you find out how to live and thrive without them.

They come back if you do not miss their touch anymore. If you do not want to hear her voice anymore. If you do not need your support anymore. If you are not looking for a home in them anymore. They come back when you have built your own home and learned how to let the sunlight penetrate into all the dark corners they left behind.

They come back when they feel that their self-love is enough to survive. They come back when you start doing what they used to do to you. And they remind you of the person they used to be with.

They remind you of tears and pain and grief. They remind you of a past you never want to experience again. They come back as a test to see if you fall into the trap of giving them everything they did not deserve.

They come back, but they do it when you’re ready to leave. They do it when you forgive them, but you do not want them back. They do it when they want to give you more, but you know that you still deserve much more than what they want to give you. They come back when they realize that their absence has made your life a thousand times better.


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