Sometimes The Signs Love The Memory And Not The Person

Tell me, have you loved with your soul? Falling in love plays with your feelings, it does it in such a precise way, that you don’t even realize how you lose yourself for a love. Sometimes zodiac signs love the memory and not the person. You are not the same as yesterday, every day you learn a new lesson, heal wounds, remember scars, and open new ones. All this makes you someone different, as much as you want to return to your past self, something prevents you. The same thing happens with couples, maybe you are loving someone who no longer exists.


Suddenly, all your explosive temper is lying on the ground. You no longer feel like competing for anyone. That takes you away from your true personality and you end up giving in to loves that don’t really lead you anywhere. You want to move forward, but you can’t, deep down the wound is still alive and that doesn’t let someone new into your heart. You may miss the person you were next to him, but neither he nor you are the same as yesterday. 


Sometimes, you would like to pretend that nothing is happening, you hate assuming that there are moments that break you and your heart feels cornered. Perhaps, it is Venus, the one that reminds you of your sensitivity, even if you don’t want to, she governs you and makes you forget for a moment that deliberate, practical, and logical side. Keep in mind that you need balance, do not let the balance go to one side. Taurus, it is not worth it that you continue waiting for a love that only offers you hope. 


You know that you have two sides that you fight with night and day. This duality sometimes makes you a bit indecisive, you get confused. That is, at the time you really believe that you adore the person, but when you start to analyze you discover that it is a ghost, someone that you have kept in your mind for so long that you do not allow yourself to see beyond it. Of the person, you knew there is very little left. Perhaps when you realize you discover that your feelings are not the same. 


There may be those who define you as one of the most fragile signs of the zodiac because your heart loves without demanding too much, it is something that is already embedded in your roots. For a long time, you have dreamed of that moment when their gazes meet again. You have imagined that it will be one of the most beautiful breaks of your life, in which you receive love with open arms, but it is not entirely true. Fantasy can deceive you and make you end up with your soul in pieces. 


Your way of loving knows no barriers, when you give yourself it is your radiant, lively and impulsive personality, which decides the level of intensity you give. For you, falling in love is something that moves you from head to toe, you really enjoy every detail during courtship. However, when the flame starts to go out you get quite nervous. You do not want to lose the illusion, your ego lies to you and tells you that if you let your guard down you are a loser. But no, letting go is also love, don’t doubt it. 


It’s true, you honor communication, the last thing you want is to beat around the bush when it comes to relationships. In fact, you take care of your heart in such a beautiful way, that you carefully analyze the pros and cons of everything. However, your insecurities can lead you to create someone who meets your expectations, but only in your thoughts. That is precisely what hurts the most, realizing that the person you thought you loved does not exist. 


The balance is your point in favor, somehow you always strive to find harmony in everything. However, Venus is the planet that reminds you of your romantic, intense and passionate side. Libra, you are very happy when you are in a relationship, but it is very difficult for you to formalize, not because you are not able to commit, but simply because you are very afraid that you will not be valued and that the person you think you love is the product of your desperation. 


Your loneliness and you do not make a very good match, let’s say that when you meet you have the habit of taking a look at the memories of your past and that’s when you run the risk of believing that that person is still special in your heart. It is not always true that where there was fire, ashes remain. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sweep them away without leaving a trace and start over. Because the memories are taking you down.


It is no secret that your heart has that insatiable touch, it is not afraid of anything that tests your adrenaline, on the contrary, the more curious, the better. You are an emotional sign and you don’t let yourself get wrapped up easily, but in your hard times you tend to take refuge in the past and that’s when you get confused. You think that if you return to that person’s side you will be happy, but in reality, you are only trying to use it as an outlet, a refuge that gives you back hope.


Definitely, you are a dominant sign, you do not let yourself be enveloped by romanticism easily, but once you give your heart, your loyalty does not allow you to jump from love to love. You are brave, you have warmth in the soul that hypnotizes, although few people get to know that sensitive side of you. You accept when a relationship ends, you don’t beg, but in the secrets of your memory, you miss their company, even though you know there is no more love. 


Aquarius, you are the lover who breaks with the traditional, but that does not mean that you are used to chaotic relationships. When someone becomes a stone in the shoe, you know very well that it is time to put an end to it. You leave, you don’t fight much to cut ties, you live the duel, but you don’t cling to something that no longer fills you with smiles. However, there are times when memories come back to you without warning and that’s when you fall prey to a supposed crush, but it’s not true.


If you love you can’t help but let empathy speak for you. You are a sweet, intuitive, and creative sign. There is nothing in your heart that is not sincere, you give yourself with all the good intentions and that is the reason why when things end you have a very bad time for a long time. You need to heal, but along the way, memories can betray you, telling you that it is best that they come back. Because I did not work? Do not focus on the beautiful or you will fall again.


Sometimes The Signs Love The Memory And Not The Person

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