Something Simple That Will Make Leo Happy

Make Leo Happy

Something Simple That Will Make Leo Happy

Leo enjoys and is happy when he surrounds himself with people who love him. He loves being around the people he truly lovesHe really enjoys it when he spends his free time with the person he is in love with. He doesn’t care about the plan. He doesn’t mind spending the afternoon cooped up at home and he won’t say NO to an unexpected trip either. Everything is valid for Leo as long as he is in good company, which is the main thing to be happy. He realizes that he is also happy to find someone with whom he can have deep conversations for hours. Those conversations make you get to know the other person much more and learn about life in general. He is proud to feel that he is enriching himself personally.

In general, Leo gets bored with routine, so he is very happy in those moments when he is able to break with it.

Sometimes it is inevitable not to establish a routine in our day to day, but Leo loves to break the rules. Sometimes this can work against him because he can leave half plans or purposes because he “craved” something else in between. Be that as it may, he is happy to make any plan that breaks with the established. He doesn’t like it when a relationship stagnates. He loves being surprised by small details from time to time. And not so much for the detail itself, the only thing that really matters to him is that there is that surprise factor.

Another reason that makes Leo happy is always getting his way. He likes to be right and have the last word. If someone tries to go against him a little, it will take little time to reach the conclusion that Leo is the one who is ultimately right. With this, he does not mean that he likes to ride over others or hurt them. No. Leo is just happy when he knows that he has won and when he can enjoy a victory. Even if it’s tiny.

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