So you lose you (without even realizing it)

You lose them if you do not look for them.

If you make her feel like she’s an option when you put her in second, third and fourth place. You lose her when you send her away. If you can not commit yourself.

You lose them if you abandon them, day after day. If she can not rely on you because you have never sided with her. When she feels like playing in her own team, even though you’re actually in the same team.

You lose her if you do not give her everything.

You lose her when she has to find all the parts that make you what you are. You lose them when you turn up after you abandon them for the hundredth time, just to remind them that you’re still there when you feel like it.

If she tries to love you for all your roughness, but you crawl back into your shell. If she wants to dry your tears and cling to you at night, but you just turn around. You lose it when you refuse to be present unless you let it into the corners of your mind.

For all she wants is the merging of your souls to feel the power of love when your hands are intertwined.

You lose her if you do not understand her.

If you do not strive to look at the world from your point of view, when you bounce back on every word she says, even if she tries to find a compromise.

You push her farther and farther when you laugh at her fears when you make her feel like she’s crazy. You dropped her when you treated her like an inferior person because she thought you were on an equal footing.

And so … you keep it.

You keep it in your life by listening to it. By recognizing when she is vulnerable and caring for her, instead of turning in another direction.

You keep it through communication by realizing that it is a two-way relationship and sometimes it keeps things to itself because you just did not ask.

You keep her when you support her when she relies on you every day when she leans against you day after day when she hugs you at 3 in the morning and feels safe from all the evils of the world.

You keep them if you give yourself completely devoted.

If you do not let her down or cling to it if you tell her that I’m sorry and you’re serious about talking about your biggest fears and your most ambitious hopes. If you do not set obstacles while drying your tears and calming your fears.

You keep it if you choose it.

When you demonstrate your love and devotion in the little way that has nothing to do with the words “I love you” when you show her that she is your first choice and not an option, every day and every night in the world you are together.

When you hold your hand in the dark, when you are on your side, showing that you are actually playing in the same team, a team of two.


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