You’ll see her name appear on your phone’s display and slide it aside to answer later. Then you will read the page-long text that she has sent and finally answer with one word. By the way, you’re going to ask if you can do something on Saturday, but do not give her a real-time for the meeting. Then you will find out that your friends are free on the weekend and want to drink, and at the last minute cancel the plans with her. You let her wait. You always keep them up to date.

And unlike all the other women you’ve played with in the past, she will not just run away if you treat her like a backup plan. She will not say, fuck you and look for someone who meets your needs. She will continue to accompany you, continue to hope that you will change, continue to believe that you will grow to care for her as she has always cared for you.

If her friends tell her she’s wasting her time with you, she’ll make excuses for you. She will say that you are busy and stressed out and have just come out of a bad relationship. She’ll convince herself that staying is the right move, that it may hurt right now, but it will pay off in the end.

It takes your mixed signals as positive rather than negative. She is happy to say that you have missed her instead of getting angry that you are doing nothing to give you time for her. She’ll be glad you like her instead of getting angry that you do not like her enough.

You’ll quickly realize how much she wants to date you, but you will not be put off by her.

Instead you will try your luck. You will treat her even worse. You’ll be pulling through dating apps and meeting random girls behind her back. Then you’ll lie to her face that you have not talked to any other girl besides her. You’ll bet she does not believe your bullshit, but it does not matter anyway, because she’s not going anywhere.

At least that’s what you think. But you make your mistake. You’ll assume that you can do whatever you want, as long as you want, and she’ll keep waiting. She will continue to play nice. She will continue to show you affection and get nothing back.

You do not realize she just stayed that long because she really likes you. Because she thought she could build a real relationship with you.

She is friendly, she is patient, but she is not an idiot. One day she will give you up. She’ll find she wasted her time with the wrong man. And she will run away.

As soon as that happens, you’ll be the one whose lyrics are ignored. You’ll be the one waiting for her name to appear on your phone. You’ll be the one checking their social networks just to see if they’ve deleted you as a friend.

In the end, you will hate yourself for pushing away such a great woman. In the meantime, she’ll be glad she dodged a bullet by saying goodbye to someone like you.


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