Aries (March 21 to April 19)

You know that a ram man does not love you when he wants to do things without you.

He loves to experience adventure, and he loves to have fun, but if he does not want you to be a part of it, you know he does not love you.

He may choose to involve you in his spontaneous activities, so if he does not, it is probably not loved.


Taurus (April 20 to May 21)

You know that a bull-man does not love you if he does not open himself to you.

If you have earned his trust and shown him that you have no intention of breaking his heart, and he is still closed, that is a sign that it is not loving.

A bull-man will be reluctant to be vulnerable, but love will make him cross the line that leads him to share his life with you.


Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

You know that a twin person does not love you when he looks distracted. If he fails to survive a meal with you without checking his phone, love is just not there.

An in-love twin will pay you all his attention. He will make you feel like a priority, not an inconvenience, and he will actively choose to love you every day.


Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

You know that a Cancer Man does not love you when he’s reluctant to introduce himself to his family and friends.

His family and friends are basically the most important thing in the world to him, and if he does not want to introduce you to them, it means that he is not sure they will recognize you or like you as a person.


Leo (July 23 to August 22)

You know that a lion-man does not love you when he’s quiet around you.

Lionmen are usually quite sociable and love to be the center of attention. If he does not notify you when you’re around, it means he does not care what you think of him, or if you even think about him.


Virgo (23rd of August to 22nd of September)

You know that a virgin man does not love you if he is an open book.

A typical maiden man is not transparent when it comes to love. You will never really know if he really loves you because he is so close to his feelings.

If he always tells you what he thinks and how he feels, then he is not in love.


Libra (23 September to 22 October)

You know that a Libra man does not love you if he does not show up. Scales are always there for those who love them, so if they are not, it’s not real love.

If he does not tell you to send him a message to let him know you’ve arrived home safely, if he does not go to the opening of the art exhibition you’ve been planning for months, if he does not show up for the important moments he does not love you

So you know he does not love you based on his zodiac sign


Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)

You know that a scorpion does not love you when it’s jealous of the other men in your life.

Of course, a scorpion is jealous, but when he is with a person he really loves, he learns to control than jealousy. It is not loved if he keeps asking if he is the only man you love or not.


Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December)

You know that a Sagittarius does not love you if he can not talk to you about the future.

A shooter enjoys change, he wants to learn and grow and improve himself, which means he has big plans for the future.

If he can not talk about these plans, it does not love. If he’s just engaging you right now and saying nothing about what’s in front of him, it’s because he does not consider you part of it.


Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)

You know that a Capricorn man does not love you when he finds excuses. If he says he’s too busy for work, friends, or family, not because he’s actually too busy, but because he does not think you’re important enough to stick to his schedule.

If a Capricorn man is really in love, he always finds the time. A Capricorn man does not apologize for the ones he loves, and he’s never too busy for them.


Aquarius (January 21 to February 18)

You know that an Aquarius does not love you when you feel that you have first come to know the surface of who he really is.

When an Aquarius is in love, it becomes profound. He shares his emotions and beliefs, he shares things that otherwise would not be seen. If he’s not in love, he’s on autopilot. He says what you like to hear, not what he really feels.


Pisces (19 February to 20 March)

You know that a Pisces man does not love you when he’s aloof.

It is obvious when a Pisces man is in love because he is an exaggerated romantic. He will send you flowers to the office, he will bring you soup when you are sick, he makes known his love through actions.

If he lets you down or is not quite there, you know he’s not in love.


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