Sagittarius is one of the hottest zodiac signs. They love booty calls and one-night stands and can hardly say no to that. They always want to do it with you and they do not care about the place or the time.

Their love drive gets bigger and bigger until they are completely inferior at some point. They can also have romance without feelings and only want to satisfy their physical pleasure. That’s enough for her.


Scorpions need love to calm themselves. Because it calms her to feel the partner and it just makes her happy. Scorpions spray with passion and constantly radiate their passionate energy.

If you want to seduce a scorpion, you do not have to bother too much. Because as soon as a scorpion likes you, he wants to feel you. Your touch will immediately cast a spell on him.

  1. ARIES

Aries always want to look for new challenges. You need adventure racing. That’s why their relationships are rather short. They are extremely passionate and show this very much.

A night with a ram will never leave your head again. You should not refuse his offer to spend the night with him. It could be the night of your life.


Romance is not a priority for ibexes. But they are still excellent lovers when they are looking for love. You can hardly resist the seduction. Capricorns have many orgasms in succession and are generally as good as always ready for a new adventure.

If you want to have love with a Capricorn, you definitely need good stamina. It could take a while.


Fish do not have to have romance all the time. But they are completely on love if it comes to it. They look for a person who is special and with whom they can connect.

They prefer deep relationships and sleep only with selected partners. However, that does not mean they have no love drive. Fish watch a lot of porn and therefore know where to touch them to get their money’s worth.

  1. LEO

A lion pays special attention to aesthetics. For him, the beauty of the human body is the most important thing. It turns him on to have a beautiful person in front of him. Lions are visual people who are full of passion.

If lions are not forgiven, their love drive is not very high. This only comes to light when they are with a person in a relationship that they find physically and mentally attractive. Once they have found this person, they just want to have a romance with her and barely brake.



Gemini likes fantasies. Since they are intelligent and can well imagine their fantasies, their lust automatically increases as well. In some situations, their love drive may be either extremely high or nonexistent. In these situations, they usually have no fantasies.

All of that depends very much on their mood and stress level. As soon as their stress levels increase, they stop thinking about love. If you lower your stress levels, you can barely get enough of love.

  1. LIBRA

When scales have romance, they suddenly feel alive. They fall very quickly to a person and then absolutely want to hop in bed with her. However, scales do not have “casual romance”.

They also do not like being unfaithful, but on the other hand, they can barely keep their fingers off attractive people. They then enjoy the beauty of the body and are fully controlled by their instincts.


Aquarians can be very self-centered and almost always put their own needs above other people’s needs. This also affects their romantic life. They expect you to take the first step towards them.

If nothing comes from your side, then they will not approach you either. Aquarians want you to make an effort. Only then can an Aquarius drop completely.

  1. VIRGO

Virgins are unpredictable. They live their different phases fully. Since it may happen that the passionate drive of a virgin at first very high and then suddenly drops again. Virgins love romance, but they only want to enjoy it in moderation.

If your partner is a virgin from the star sign, you should take care and not rush. Because that can backfire pretty much.


For the bull, foreplay is the most important thing about romance. This is also his strongest weapon at the same time. A bull loves to build tension. The foreplay can be even better than the actual passionate with him.

A bull would always prefer pure passionate intercourse, a sensual massage. Often, bulls have had bad love experiences in their past. So it’s no wonder they are not crazy about love. 


Cancers are very sensitive and usually only have romance if they also have emotions and feelings. They are looking for a deeper connection. They want to be guided by their feelings in bed and usually ignore their passionate urge. They love to hold hands or kiss their partner. Even intellectual conversations can excite them.

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