Which zodiac signs was an unmistakable gut feeling put into the star cradle? To whom does astrology advise more to use the mind in important decision-making issues? We’ll tell you here who can trust what.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

Most of all, as an Aries, you want to get your way and purposefully pursue your desires. This trait often saves you from wondering whether you should base your decisions on your mind or your gut. It is more important for you that the choice brings you closer to your goal in a direct way. Some appreciate your honest manner, others you get too close with it.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

If your need for security is satisfied, you will be able to enjoy life like no other zodiac sign. You approach things pragmatically and often don’t give up until you have found a solution. Loyalty and trust are important to you. You make your decisions with your mind according to the motto: “What does that bring me?” If you make a gut decision and get disappointed in a person, you can be downright resentful.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

The double-faced air sign is analytical but also creative and restless. As relaxed and carefree as you can be, you are top-heavy with your decisions. Happy and full of esprit one moment, you are a bundle of nerves the next. Can you rely on your gut feeling? You could – but you prefer to use your intellect.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)

You are a master when it comes to feeling for moods, because your major in life is emotions. Your antennas sensitively pick up the mood sensors of others. You are an expert because you yourself are subject to constant mood swings. You avoid what triggers negative feelings in you and prefer to be in familiar surroundings. You can always rely on your gut feeling.

Libra (September 24th – October 23rd)

A swipe to the right (“good” on Tinder) is hardly easier for a zodiac sign. What is too superficial for many in online dating, suits you as a Libra, because you love the feeling of lightness, which makes your charm sparkle. Pessimistic remarks, notorious whiners and know-it-alls pull you down. Individual Aries, analytical Virgos, and strong Taurus come out on top in the match statistics.

Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

On the one hand, as a Scorpio, you love ecstatic love, which would make you a super user of dating platforms, if it weren’t for the yawning boredom that you feel with superficial blah blah. As a convinced individualist, you do not care what others think and so you are only rarely and irregularly logged into Tinder and Co. Virgos and Aries are the most likely to hit your deep nerve.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

When you were born Sagittarius, you are attracted to variety and stimulation, which is why online dating platforms are your favorite playground where you can hit the bull’s eye again and again. At Tinder, your arrows hit particularly strong ibexes, intelligent Aquarius men and linguistically gifted twins. With them you will find the right mix of freedom and company that is important to you.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

As a Capricorn, you jump from stone to stone and to lofty heights, even in real life, to which hardly anyone can follow you. Capricorns have in common the frequent linking on Instagram and Spotify. A Sagittarius could hit you in the heart, a little less often you have matches with Aquarius or Gemini. You can live out your passionate side here. You hide the fact that you are vulnerable behind profile pictures with imposing horns.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

You got the hang of dating, because as an Aquarius you swim on the wave of success at Tinder with many top matches. You not only sing in the bathtub, but also eagerly share your musical preferences and interests in your profiles. With Sagittarius and Gemini, you splash around perfectly in the dating pool, and ibexes get off their rocks especially often for you because you fascinate them.

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