1. Aries

She does not ask for much – just that you tell her that you love her every morning when you wake up and that you help her cook from time to time when she can not do everything.

It’s a woman who knows that little things matter, so she’ll reward you with something you love when you least expect it. She loves to feel safe and loved.

2. Taurus

A woman born under this astrological sign loves when you help her with housework.

She likes you taking a day off so you can spend together in bed, watching movies and cuddling.

But the moment she feels best is when her partner is defending herself, whether she is guilty of something or not.

3. Gemini

She likes when you do things for her, such as opening the door or choosing the restaurant where you will be dining together.

She likes to know that she does not need to make any decisions in the relationship and that she can count on you if needed.

4. Cancer

This woman likes to know that she belongs to you. So, if you want to make her happy, give her double your car key or buy her a bathrobe that she can wear when she spends the night at your house.

Show her that all you have is hers too and that she does not need to ask you anything because you share everything.

5. Leo

The woman belonging to this sign likes when you make him compliments. So, tell her that she is beautiful without makeup.

Tell her that she got dressed to fall to the ground and that you are proud to have a woman like that.

Take some pictures of her as she sleeps and give them to her in a frame for her birthday. Believe me, it will melt her.

6. Virgo

If you want her to feel special, tell her that her new hairstyle is great.

Show her that you see all the changes she makes and that you love them.

Be polite to her friends and family and she will treat you like no girl has ever treated you before.

7. Libra

For this woman everything revolves around emotions, so make sure you tell her that you love her and want to be with her.

Do small things that will make her happy, like hugging her from behind or kissing her while she sleeps.

Even if she does not feel that kiss, you’ll know you’ve done something that matters to her.

8. Scorpion

She likes to be treated like a princess. This includes dancing at the beach in the moonlight.

It also means long walks, picking flowers for her at the side of the road.

She does not want you to drop her stars, but she surely wants to be your star.

9. Sagittarius

She likes it when you introduce her as your girlfriend or when you invite her to dine with your parents to meet them.

She loves when you kiss her tenderly and when you tell her that there is no place you would rather be than in her arms.

10. Capricorn

She likes to receive a text message from you early in the morning. She likes when you tell her that you love her in front of your friends and when you tease her with messages.

If you offer her a dinner after a long and tiring day of work, she’ll see you as a rock star!

11. Aquarius

A girl born under this sign loves little surprises. So, if you want to satisfy her and make her happy, write on a piece of paper that you like it and put it in her bag.

When she gets to work and opens her bag, she will be pleasantly surprised.

12. Pisces

You can make your wife happy if you listen to what she has to say. Pay attention to the details and try to give her everything she wants.

She particularly likes when you share your sandwich with her, or when you take her to bike in the hills.

She likes the feeling that you are her best friend as well as her lover.


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