Signs You Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Met The Right Person

Signs You Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time

There are loves that come back like that breath of wind on your face, they sneak out of the corner of your memories. And it is that they stay in the depths of your heart, in what you shut up, in what you may not feel again. It is that love that never goes away, you find it in new lips, in warm hugs, in love on the forehead and wow, it has an ease of returning to your memory. You miss him as if life hadn’t been enough and as if for some reason he could return. Here are the signs that you met the right person at the wrong time:


It even seems like a joke, Taurus has the bad luck to find themselves with unfinished love, and it is that when they give everything when they believe that they are for each other, something is wrong. As much as he tries to get everything under control, he ends up with tears in his eyes. Are you tired of your poor heart getting tangled up with the wrong person? However, life has taught you to be resilient and to keep moving forward even if your soul weighs. To remember that person with deep sighs, but finally, decide to get them out of your life. You fell in love at the wrong time, they weren’t ready to give everything, to face what they will say, to choose their feelings above all else. She will stay there, in the sacred memories, in which from time to time they make your heart flutter, but nothing more. Life doesn’t understand reasons, keep moving forward and you can’t stay halfway, for someone who couldn’t hold your hand. 


Gemini is the one who really needs a special connection to share their vulnerable side. However, when he meets the right person at the wrong time, he really has a hard time. Gemini gives it his all, but there comes a point where he can no longer be hooked on the past. Gemini can love with every bit of your heart, but he’s not going to run after anyone. Love has taught her that things don’t always go her way and that’s okay because, in the end, she doesn’t get along very well with commitment. Geminis need something genuine, a love of those that make his body vibrate from head to toe. But also someone who is able to quench his intellectual thirst, it is not easy to meet those requirements. That is the reason why it is difficult for him to let go of that love from the past, who had everything, but… it was not the time. 


Scorpio is also one of the signs that met the right person at the wrong time. The problem with Scorpio is that sometimes he gives and gives and gives… a never-ending story. Suddenly you understand that no matter how much you love the person, that does not guarantee that they will not leave. Your insecurities take over you and that’s when you think you’re not worth enough when you start to settle for the little that those fleeting loves give you. You must know that you are worth it, that you deserve a love that truly loves you, in your good and bad times. Now that you know that you are a priority, that you must love yourself first and then anyone, you don’t have time for people who don’t know what they want. You want real love, not games, someone who is willing to show his emotional, physical and mental side. If you’re not ready for that, you better look the other way. You loved the right person at the wrong time because your lives were rocky. 


Capricorn is so meticulous when he decides to look at someone for love, he needs to analyze the pros and cons, he sticks to logic and that prevents him from getting involved with anyone. However, it has happened to him that he loses the apartment for a person, who meets his expectations and can go at his pace, but there is something that has not finished. That’s when he ends up heartbroken when he decides to put up a barrier and not give up his vulnerable side. Capricorn does a lot of damage when something doesn’t work because he can’t believe that he didn’t notice that everything would be a failure. He laments the time spent, getting carried away, and ultimately discovering that this person has no idea what it means to be loyal. It seemed like the perfect relationship, but fate had other plans and even if it hurts, you have to accept it. 

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