Go! Gossiping with someone who understands you and shares opinions is the best thing in the world. Not either? Sometimes it is your best friend, your work colleague, your partner, your brother, in short, there are few people who were born to master the arduous art of gossip. Certainly some zodiac signs excel at this. Others, without a doubt, may not be able to listen to an audio or 30 seconds, they do not have so much patience. These are the signs to which you can send 5-minute audios, they are the best to bring out what you can no longer shut up.

These zodiac signs really don’t beat around the bush, when it comes to sharing opinions, what’s more, they have a ritual before they start. First they check that their phone has enough battery because they like long audios, the more descriptive they are, the better. Of course, the screenshots are also included, otherwise the gossip does not taste the same and, of course, the odd meme to add fire to the conversation. Does it sound familiar to you? Sure you know someone or you are on the list:

The best signs to gossip 

The truth is that you don’t go around like an open book yelling at the world all your problems or what you think of the person you don’t get along with. However, there are zodiac signs that have such a light personality, that they make you want to, they know how to listen, they add a touch of humor to the conversation and they always have something new to contribute. They really are the best at gossip. Let’s see:


The reason why Virgo is an excellent option to tell your whole life is because it is a sign that wastes intelligence in everything it says, even when it just wants to make you laugh. It also has a chaotic side, so if you don’t like someone at all and want to express it, they will understand you perfectly. Not to mention that they are reflective to the bone, they do not take any comment lightly and if what you want is to find some information, there it is, because the detectives are nothing at their side, they investigate you to the church where the person was baptized.


It’s funny because Aries is not about talking every day, they like to have their space and get away from nowhere. However, you can send him an unforeseen message telling him that you need to tell him something important and he will give himself the time in the world to do so. Do not get carried away by appearances because even if they are of few words, they do like to listen or read you. Let’s say that at first it costs them a little to get into context, but when they do, be prepared because you will know what it is to intertwine one gossip with another. They are the kind that take ten stories from one, so it is best to do it while drinking a cup of coffee. Believe me, you will be surprised by the tricks that Aries has to get information.


The sign of the zodiac that has made more than one tremble and, is that Gemini does not walk with small things, his character can become very cruel for some, because he says things up front and when it comes to gossiping they dominate him perfection . If you have a problem and want the most honest opinion, you should definitely be sending a 5 minute audio to Gemini by now. But I warn you, you need accurate data to draw conclusions, otherwise you prefer not to make any judgment. They are lovers of power and even if it is a conversation between two, they want everything under control. Let’s say it’s the zodiac sign that takes gossip very seriously.


Signs You Can Send 5 Minute Audios To

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