Signs To Which Aqua Is Charm

Some are attracted to others, but that does not mean that those others are attracted to the former. Each sign is mesmerized by the one who really gives them what they want, although it is often not what is wanted that is most needed. As in love, all a mess.

Aquarius  (From January 21 to February 19)

He is attracted to Gemini, Aries, Libra

Aquarius will always need to be independent and above all, that their partner respects them. He cannot stand people who are too sticky or who end up depending on him/her for anything. He loves people who on their own merits have achieved things in life, few or many. He hasn’t come here to have to be anyone’s mom or dad. Sorry but no. In the end, with dependent people, it lasts very, very little. Aquarius wants them to walk next to him and above all not have to pull anyone all the time. He also wants them to be able to pull her/him when he needs it, although the truth is that he doesn’t need it very much…

Geminis combine well with Aquarius because, apart from sharing an element, Geminis do everything for themselves, they set a goal and go for it and don’t need anyone to keep them on their feet. Gemini will give Aquarius a lot of energy, but he will have to control it because he may often inadvertently absorb his and it will agitate Aquarius.

Aries and Libra will also attract Aquarius a lot, especially at the beginning, the point is that it doesn’t always work out later because of the same thing as Gemini, they absorb too much…


Signs To Which Aqua Is Charm

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