Signs To Those Who Lied To Them Looking Them In The Eyes And Now They Trust No One

Lied To Them And Now They Trust No One

Signs To Those Who Lied To Them Looking Them In The Eyes And Now They Trust No One

If there is something certain in this life, it is that lying to a person so that they stay by your side is the best way to lose them. In the end, the truth always comes out, and that’s when you break down when you discover that the one you gave all your trust to, betrayed you in the worst way. After so many tears, fears, and despair, you learn that you cannot deposit the most valuable of your emotions in the other. So, you become more skeptical, you have to think about it a thousand times before giving yourself up. They are the signs who were lied to by looking them in the eye and now they trust no one. 

1.- Taurus 

A sign that is very clear that it is no longer here to give others the power to tear it apart. That Taurus no longer exists, now he prefers to dress in cold and put up a thousand barriers before they know his vulnerable side. He got tired of so many lies, of people he saw crying and begging for forgiveness and after a while, they hurt him again. It’s simple, nine times out of ten that he got carried away, he was betrayed. Taurus is not the most affectionate sign in the world, but that does not mean that it does not have a heart. He is one of the most loyal people that life is going to present to you and he knows it. So, he no longer intends to settle for friends, family, or lovers, who only want to see him fall. If you want a seat in his life, you’re going to have to be patient. Otherwise, it is best that you continue on your way because he will not let his guard down. He will not put himself in anyone’s hands again, he will be more alert than ever, and the person who does not understand him can continue on his way.

2.- Leo 

The problem with you Leo is that you often get carried away by your optimism. You are such a fighter sign, so intelligent, that there comes a time when you trust that the other person also has the same qualities. But remember that you don’t always attract who you are, sometimes you attract people who need to find themselves in you to be better. However, that does not mean that it is your responsibility to heal the wounds that they have in their soul. You are a reliable, responsible sign, you do not play games when it comes to sharing your deepest side. But, over the years you have discovered that there are cruel people, who only approach you for convenience and in the end, they hurt you… One of the things that hurts you the most is lying. It is very disappointing to find out that your suspicions are correct and that the whole castle you built crumbles in the blink of an eye. Now, you prefer to stay with only two or three people, but you know that they will not let you down.

3.- Capricorn 

Behind a brave soul, hides someone who is often not as strong as he seems, one of the signs that they lied to looking them in the eye and now they don’t trust anyone. Actually, Capricorn has a heart full of kindness, he is tender, he is loving, and he is the one who gives us hope in many ways, but that puts him between a rock and a hard place because his naivety has led him to trust people who do not it’s not even worth it. It is a sign that he only wants a real bond, someone who makes him feel comfortable, with whom he does not have to use any type of filter. Capricorn doesn’t get angry, he gets disappointed, and that’s when he puts an end to it. He no longer believes as before, he needs to go further to feel at peace with whoever is in front of him. Now, he will try to surround himself with people who fill him with calm, with whom they show that they are in good times and bad. He wants honest, exemplary links, someone who vibrates with his ideology. If not, he prefers to have nothing and take refuge in his solitude. In the end, that doesn’t scare him.

4.- Scorpio 

Here it does not matter if the lie is big or not, because it is well-known that with small lies, great people have been lost. Without a doubt, Scorpio does not take one bit with hypocrisy, he hates knowing that he has to watch the backs of people who claim to love him. He does not tolerate that they turn the matter over, if you have something to say, it is better that you say it now, even if it means that the tears will be present. That they do it for your own good is not true, they do it because they do not have the guts to face reality and it is more comfortable to pretend that nothing is happening. Scorpio is tolerant of many things, but do not try to see his face with a lie, because the only thing you will receive from him is indifference. Don’t blame a Scorpio, and don’t call him cold, because you have no idea of ​​the story behind his look. A Scorpio does not wake up out of anywhere saying that he is going to close his heart, there is always a reason and it is much more painful than you imagine.

5.- Aries 

A single drop of lies is capable of dirtying the entire ocean. Don’t tell an Aries that it’s going to happen, and don’t minimize the enormous barrier that he has erected when it comes to lies, because many times he was the person who trusted, the one who had the hope that everything was going to be fine, and they decided to hurt him anyway. Yes, it is a sign that tries to see the positive in everything, but it is not synonymous with giving one opportunity after another. Aries is not stupid, he is not going to allow people like that to damage his fun and adventurous side of him. Now, he prefers to live with few people, and he doesn’t hold a grudge, but he doesn’t go through life as if it were an open book either. It is enough that he discovers that you lied or that you omitted something only once, for him to become distrustful. Call it what you want, but now he prefers to go cautiously and at the first red flag he says goodbye. He is no longer to hook up with someone who is not worth it.

6.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is also one of the signs who were lied to by looking them in the eye and now they don’t trust anyone. There is something that Aquarius does not tolerate above anything else. I’m talking about when the liar still has the gall to play the victim. That’s when he realizes that a liar is capable of anything, as long as he manipulates the situation… It is precisely when Aquarius understands that he cannot take it for granted that the person who comes into his life knows what loyalty is. There are those who only approach because it suits them because they want something in return and those Aquarians are already detected at first. He doesn’t care if they call him crazy and distant, he prefers to be that way, before putting his emotions in the hands of people who will only break them without mercy. It’s funny because many think they have the power to lie to Aquarius, but in reality, he pretends that he believes them. For better or worse, he prefers not to believe half of what you say and leave the other half in doubt. That is the Aquarius that now knows how to deal with the thorns.


Signs To Those Who Lied To Them Looking Them In The Eyes And Now They Trust No One

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