Signs That You Fall In Love With Someone Who Only Exists In Your Mind

It hurts, to realize that that person was not what you imagined, that time by his side went like water in his hands. Sometimes, we cling to it being our size, even if life screams at us that it is not there. And it is that letting go is difficult, but staying next to someone making up all their attitudes, becomes an ordeal. There are signs of the zodiac who have gone through situations like this because they are so sweet and kind that it is not easy for them to see the evil in the other. These are the signs that you fall in love with someone who only exists in your mindHas it happened to you?

5.- Pisces

Pisces is an expert in putting brush strokes where there are only ruins, he is the one who paints your thoughts, your days, your entire life with color. When he falls in love it can be cloudy, because he gets the idea that everything is perfect and puts his faith in someone who does not want anything. That’s when you build a dream relationship when you start to ignore the signs that it is not healthy when you excuse your partner every time you end up with tears in your eyes. Pisces is too kind and forgives until he gets tired. Until he understands that it was not his partner, it was him who clung to what he had to be and, although it hurts, he has to let go.

4.- Libra 

A Libra has a hard time surrendering to love because there’s a part of your being that you do not trust, that terrifies finish him kissing lips wrong and when idealizes is lost in a lot of fantasies. Suddenly, you feel like loving, but you do it with the wrong person. Then he focuses on appearances and begins to conform as if he really deserves so little reciprocity. Libra does not accept that he was easily wrong and that is another reason why he stays with someone who does not exist, he gets tangled up with the idea that is only in his mind, and accepting it hurts.

3.- Cancer 

Another sign is that you fall in love with someone who only exists in your mind Cancer is one of those people who, when immersed in love matters, does so without a single fear. He likes to play with the idea of ​​being happy forever and that’s when he can get lost between reality and what’s on his mind. Cancer is so good that it begins to adorn the personality of his partner, it is difficult for him to accept that he is not the person he dreams of and he gets so involved in the idea that for a while he ends up believing it. That is when he begins to fill in the gaps with something that does not exist, he hopes that one day he will wake up and that everything will be as he has always wanted.

2.- Gemini

When Gemini falls in love, they do it with their mind, it is one of the signs that they need that connection to feel that everything is fine. However, it can backfire because you get lost in a lot of thoughts and appearances. In reality, he never finishes knowing his partner, and when he realizes he does not know how to get out of the relationship or he does not want to, because it is painful to accept that he was wrong. So he prefers to put a magic touch on it so as not to be disappointed, deep down he knows that he is not the right person, but he stays for a while because he believes that one day he will be able to meet his expectations.

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the one who falls in love with ideas, emotions, moments. That is the reason why it can be lost in a cluster of fantasies, how do you know if it is real or not? The problem is that it is a sign that few understand and when he finds a connection with someone, that attachment comes out that causes him to make mistakes, such as staying next to someone who is not worth it. Aquarius is an expert in romanticizing everything in his path. Idealizes the person, even if in reality he is too distant and does not show him the love he expected. You need time to realize that this person never existed, it was he who expected too much.


Signs That You Fall In Love With Someone Who Only Exists In Your Mind

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