Signs That Without Their Evil Genius They Would Lose The Charm

Signs That Without Their Evil Genius They Would Lose The Charm

There are zodiac signs that are everything you are looking for but with a bad temper. Even so, do not turn off your light, you are the person someone is waiting for in their life, never leave your essence to please the expectations of others. I’m talking about those who put their temper first, who get frustrated when they lose control and are better off walking away because the heat runs through their body from head to toe. They are the signs that without their temper would lose their charm. Remember that it is good to vent before exploding, especially when there are people who are not to blame and just want to help you.

1.- Aries 

Aries has a temperament that can set you on fire just by feeling his gaze. It is ruled by Mars, so being fiery is part of its personality, a sign that is guided by its impulses. Although that does not mean that they are always grumpy. In fact, it is a tolerant sign, you need to continually bother for its dark side to show up. Aries knows that they can be the most hurtful person and that is why they calm down. Even in the middle of the discussion he walks away, he wants to be alone to calm down, please do not follow him, you will know the worst.


Although at first glance it may seem that Taurus is an innocent little dove, because it puts its serene side and kindness ahead, there comes a point where the storm changes its character in the blink of an eye. Taurus is one of those who recognize their emotions before exploding, but … as they say out there, if you look for it, you will find it and believe me you will not like it. It is a sign that it is enough to light a light fuse to tell you the cruelest things, when he is upset he does not touch his heart even a bit, his objective is to win the argument and he uses all his weapons, remember that he is very stubborn.

3.- Gemini 

The two sides of Gemini, the twins making it clear that their character is as changeable as the rhythm of the wind. You really do not want to see this sign angry because it never warns when it is going to erupt, at the least expected moment it can overflow all its anger on you. It is a very intelligent sign, it does not need to use physical force to defeat you, but its words are very hurtful, it really tells you things that you will remember the rest of your days and they are not pleasant at all. Geminis need to walk away when their temper kicks in or you will regret it.

4.- Leo 

Leo crabby? Please! They could have an academy to give the best lessons. Leo simply responds to your actions, he treats you as you treat him and if you are cruel he shows you the worst of his parts. It is the sign that can be as moody as it is sweet, you will not recognize it at that moment. Leo wants everything under control and if not, his negative energy is the one that takes the reins. That’s when he attacks directly emotionally, he does not think, his goal is to finish you and he rarely does not succeed. In those cases the best thing to do is take a break or it will tear you apart.

5.- Virgo 

The way Virgo gets angry is scary, because they don’t always end up yelling (in some cases they do) but most of the time they act very cold and calculating. Remember that it is a perfectionist sign, it may not react at the moment, but it will analyze the situation to give you exactly where it hurts the most and when you least expect it. Virgo is the one who brings you down with his words, when he attacks you he criticizes you and leaves you self-esteem and self-esteem on the ground. It is such a disciplined sign that even to get upset it follows the best strategy, which I recommend is that you ask for forgiveness.

6.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is never silent, even when he does not say anything you can see how much he detests you in his eyes. It’s amazing how his gestures can tear you apart in seconds. It is a very temperamental and emotional sign, let’s say they tend to be somewhat passive-aggressive, so many times they have the victim close by just to give them the best of lessons. Scorpio is carried away by the moment, all he wants is for you to feel twice as much as he hurt him. He won’t take his finger off the line until you apologize and then he’ll get you out of his life.

7.- Pisces 

Are you surprised that Pisces is on the list? Well, you have to know that behind a noble, kind and empathetic soul hides a being that can make you tremble in seconds. It is a very sensitive sign, it lives everything to the extreme, if you hurt its feelings it will not sit idly by. Although they are quite balanced, they are not easily disturbed, but they are like cloudy water, you do not know when it can hurt you. Pisces does not sink that low, it will not get into your personal things, it respects your sadness and fears, but it will tell you the reason why you do not deserve another second of its time.


Signs That Without Their Evil Genius They Would Lose The Charm

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