Signs That When They Say They Will Not Tell Your Secret, They Follow It

It is not easy to open your heart, they say that there are times when it is better to inject fantasy so as not to die from so much reality. And it is painful when you give your trust to someone and they end up betraying you. However, do not give up, because when you least expect the magic appears. There are signs that when they say they won’t tell your secret, they fulfill it: 

1.- Scorpio 

Yes, Scorpios can be emotional, intense, and cold, when they don’t trust each other. However, if he accepts you as part of his circle, it is synonymous that he will put loyalty first, he is a lonely and mysterious soul, who has the gift of keeping your secrets. And it is that Scorpio puts himself in your place, he understands that it is not easy to be vulnerable and has learned from the betrayal of others so as not to be the same. Your friendship may end, but still don’t tell what he heard as you fell apart, Scorpio respects your past.

2.- Capricorn 

If there is a sign that is not afraid of the truth, that considers promises as something very important, without a doubt, it is Capricorn. Maybe he’s not the sign to bow down in the face of misfortune, but just because he’s not that emotional doesn’t mean he doesn’t have empathy. Capricorn is the one who gives you strength, who reminds you that you have come out of worse and he gives you the peace of mind that you let go of everything because he listens to you without pressuring you. He is the person who will take with him until the last day of his life what you told him, do not doubt his loyalty. 

3.- Taurus 

Taurus is one of the strongest friends, he is the one who has the courage to see into the depths of your being, he is not scared, he knows that we all have a past and that there are ghosts that follow us make our dark side intensify. Taurus is the one who gives you security, he is not waiting for you to say everything, he simply shows you that he can be your handkerchief of tears if things go wrong. He is the type of sign that enjoys cultivating friendships, he likes to know that he has a support network capable of lifting him up in bad times.

4.- Cancer 

Cancer is the friendship that reminds you of home, it has a serenity that surrounds you, you may not feel safe at first, but over time all you want is to run and tell everything. Cancer is the one who rejoices when you are achieving your dreams, but also the one who is not afraid to pull you out of the depths of depression when you can’t take it anymore. It is a very loyal sign, open and leaves prejudices aside, all they want is to make you feel good. Trust because no one will take your truth from you.

5.- Leo 

Leo is the impulsive, loyal, intense friend, he is the one who risks it for you if necessary. He likes to honor love, emotion, and the idea that someone may be complicit in his follies. He is a sociable, funny being and an expert in stealing a smile from you when you feel that everything is going wrong. Leo doesn’t let you go and if you tell him a secret he becomes your best listener, he feels special and for the same reason, he will do everything in his power not to disappoint you. Leo defends who he loves, he is not the person who harms them. His friendship is synonymous with calm in every way.

6.- Virgo 

Without a doubt, Virgo is one of the signs that when they say they won’t tell your secret, they keep it. If there is a sign that has a good reputation when it comes to friendship, without a doubt, it is Virgo, he is that person who, when he listens to you, analyzes everything in a meticulous way. The moment you trust them, they confirm that they are all ears and that what comes out of your mouth will not end up anywhere else. Virgo does not betray you, nor does he speak ill of you, much less lie. Virgo is the sign that although the years go by and the friendship is no longer the same, it will show you that it was worth giving several chapters of your life.


Signs That When They Say They Will Not Tell Your Secret They Follow It

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