There are loves that hypnotize, that having them close is losing your breath every second, that make your heart race, make your skin crawl and moisten your soul. Loves that have magnetism in their eyes and passion on their lips. They are the signs that when they kiss you, you feel that your clothes are in the way , because they have the gift of awakening your darkest fantasies. They make you forget about everything and all you want is to end up in home.

They are the signs that have the gift of charm, that it is enough that they subtly run through your skin to make you feel everything. His energy envelops you, gives you satisfying moments and marks you with kisses that accompany you throughout your life, the kind you remember over the years while biting your mouth. Sweet kisses that turn good and wild with just a little touch.

Signs that when they kiss you you feel everything

There are kisses that don’t need words , that read your thoughts, that take your clothes off with a single sigh. There are kisses that fill with shine, inspiration, adrenaline and all that that keeps you smiling all day. Sometimes they are told, sometimes not, they remain impregnated in the secrets of your memory and these signs know it very well:

3.- Taurus

An Earth sign, a sign that has lightness on its lips, that knows very well how to have fun just having you close. When Taurus kisses you it is an invitation to the unknown , to immerse yourself in the depths of his wildest and most forbidden desires. He is someone who will find a way to please you, he likes to pay attention to your sounds, your gestures and the way your breathing accelerates.

Taurus is synonymous with trust, he is the person who will make you feel safe when you have him in front of you, the one who awakens your senses until the environment becomes fiery. Taurus is sensuality, he is the one that does not settle for crumbs in home, the one that will make you forget where you are, because all you are going to want is to lose yourself in his gaze.

2.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who moistens your skin with thoughts, the Fire sign that can leave your legs shaking with a single kiss. It is one of those who enjoy excitement, adventure and the forbidden. Sagittarius prefers a thousand times to ask for forgiveness than permission, but he is not one of those who forces you to do anything, he likes to know that his lips have the gift that you want to lose yourself in his arms.

Sagittarius is temptation, the weakness that shakes your soul, that shakes you and that tests your morality. Sagittarius enjoys not following the rules, he likes to add a touch of intensity to the unknown, the less planned the better. He is the one who gives the most crazy and unexpected kind of kiss.

1.- Capricorn

Capricorn does not stop, he is fervent, perfectionist and detailed. He is the zodiac sign that is obsessed with everything he does and when it comes to showing his potential in the art of kissing, he does it like the greats. Capricorn is a leader, he is the person who gives you tender and romantic kisses in a single second. It is a touch of passion and love, someone who will hardly erase other kisses.

Capricorn has caution on his lips, the way to fill your soul with balance, strength and desire. It is the sign that gives flavor to your life, that is not in a hurry, because its goal is for you to know the beauty of life. It is the most cordial invitation of love that life will present to you.


Signs That When They Kiss You, You Feel That Your Clothing Is Bottling

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