Signs That Think That Sometimes It Is Not Worth Saying What They Feel

I once read that those who don’t show what they feel may lose what they want. And there are things that hurt you, that make you uncomfortable, that tear you to pieces and you shut them up until they turn into knots in your throat that rip your soul apart every time you try to speak but you can’t because in the past they made you believe that it is not worth saying what you feel. There are signs that broke them so much that now they prefer to remain silent before showing their vulnerable side:

1.- Cancer

You are the hand that is always willing to help others, you don’t think twice, if you can, you do it. The kind of person who lives up to the word unconditional, it satisfies you to know that the people you love are well. You have become the cloth of tears for many, but what about you? You’ve gotten used to playing strong, not bothering anyone when your heart screams at you desperately. You are important, do not leave yourself for later because you deserve all that light that you give to others, do not hesitate.

2.- Pisces

Another water sign on the list is that Pisces is the one who cannot help but feel the pain of others. His sensitivity exceeds any limit, he is the type of person who is always there when difficulties arise. He has peace, that talking to him is like attending therapy, he always leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. Pisces can be completely broken and he still has time to help you pick up your pieces. Sometimes, he believes that what he feels is not as important as the tragedies experienced by the rest and he minimizes himself.

3.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the one who has become the pillar of many, who is always willing to lift you off the ground if necessary. He is the type of partner, partner, and family member who will not let you drift, will swim against the current if necessary, but he will help you get ahead. He is very emotional, that’s why he has the ability to put himself in the shoes of others. He does not ask for anything in return, he firmly believes that no one owes him anything because everything he does is from the heart. The problem is that sometimes he hides in a strong soul and few realize that he cries in silence.

4.- Virgo

Virgo is so meticulous, he is so obsessed with everything going perfectly, that he has even gotten used to faking smiles. It’s a sign that he feels ridiculous when he expresses his emotions because he doesn’t want to be hurt. He minimizes his feelings and immerses himself in daily activities to keep himself busy and not face all that weighs him down. Virgo is there to show you that there is always a way out, but at the same time, he sinks and says nothing because he has become used to being there for others and solving everything alone.

5.- Capricorn

Capricorn has a strong personality, he is the one who always knows what he wants, the one who does not give himself the opportunity to make mistakes, and when he does, he demands twice as much. He is the one who always has a thousand ideas in his head, he has become the savior of the people he loves and left aside. He now refuses to express what he feels, he prefers that they say that he has no feelings to give someone weapons to hurt him. Capricorn strives every day to show that everything is fine, although there are times when he just wants to run away.

6.- Libra

Libra is complacent, probably that is a virtue and a defect, which leads him to forget himself. There comes a point where everyone else takes precedence and even he feels guilty when he pays a little attention to himself. Libra listens to everyone, does not judge them, and invites them to open up their panorama. But, the moment he feels his world crashing down, he realizes there’s no one there. And it seems that he has no chance to cry, to shout, to get angry. Libra hides behind a cloak, but inside he is desperate to heal.


Signs That Think That Sometimes It Is Not Worth Saying What They Feel

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