Signs That Tell You The Things In The Front Even Though You Hate Them

Buddha said that there are three things that do not spend much time hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the truth. There are signs of the zodiac that detest from the bottom of their guts those souls that go around honoring hypocrisy. They are the ones who don’t need filters, the ones who prefer a thousand times to run out of friends than deal with fake faces. They do not care, they are signs that tell you things upfront even if you hate them. 

1.- Aries 

If there is something that Aries has in mind, it is that he does not want to look good with anyone, if you like him, you are well received, but if not, he will not make an effort to change his mind. He is the one who takes honesty by the hand and tells you things upfront, or the day when people betray him and end up talking behind his back.

Aries is so honest that many times he ends up hurting others, not always with bad intentions, but he is not going to lie to you just to make you feel better. He is not good at masks, he is the type of friend that you can ask anything and he will answer you in a genuine way.

2.- Sagittarius

It is clear that Sagittarius does not have time to lose themselves in nonsense, their schedule is full and their thoughts do not stop. He is the one who has a traveling soul, an uncontrollable thirst to go out and enjoy every corner of the world. Sagittarius is sincere to the bone, he does not intend to disguise anything and even when attacked he does not let his guard down.

Your thoughts travel so fast that when you least think they have already become words. Sagittarius loves risks, adrenaline, so if for some honest reason it ends up causing tremendous chaos, it is simply going to wait long enough for everything to calm down and nothing else.

3.- Gemini 

You already have the reputation of few friends, so you care very little about what people think of you, your personality is governed by the orders of the twins. You are changeable and when something does not vibrate you beautiful, you decide to remove it from your life without thinking a bit. They say that your reckless soul does not understand sensibilities. 

But … no one said that the truth is synonymous with the color pink. There are times when cruelty is more than clear and that is not why you are going to hide something that it is not. You are eloquent, effective, communication comes naturally to you, you are the brave one who tells the truth even knowing that you will lose everything.

4.- Scorpio 

It’s simple, the people who get upset with you for telling the truth are the ones who live in lies and it is not easy to deal with something like that. You are the type of sign that puts authenticity first , you do not hold anything back when it comes to expressing your opinion. You are so direct that many times they think you are being sarcastic, but you only say what you think and what your heart feels.

No matter what they say, you will continue to believe that a deception hurts much more than it can hurt to hear the truth. You are a beautiful soul but society is not prepared to face the consequences of their actions and they prefer to pretend that nothing is wrong.


Signs That Tell You The Things In The Front Even Though You Hate Them

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