Signs That Shout Their Feelings Because If They Don’t Drown

There are souls that are like this, an open book, that have transparency in their emotions and that although they know that there are those who only want to hurt, they jump into the ring because they have improved their resilient side. Now they need to scream their feelings because if they don’t they will drown in the abyss. They know that maybe the problem has no solution, but it is better when they talk about it, so the load decreases. And there are friends who become a refuge, who have the right sensitivity to embrace our sorrows. These signs that scream your feelings because if they don’t drown you:

1.- Cancer 

Cancer is the one who gets carried away like a sock thread, it is not that he plays the victim, it is that his emotional part makes him see everything more intense. It is a sign that when he feels confident, he opens his heart to you, the most private, which makes tears run down his face. At first, he is a shy soul, let it be clear that not everyone inspires confidence.

Cancer is cautious, but there comes a time when he can’t take it anymore, because everything that is silent is making him sick. It is your mind, your body, and your heart, the ones that can’t take it anymore. A conversation with Cancer is synonymous with empathy, love, and strength. Because he is capable of coping with his problems, although he is one of those who cry a lot, he is also one of those who wipe his tears and move on. Only now and then they need a break.

2.- Libra 

Libra is an air sign, it is known because it is carried away by the moment. There is a part of his very dreamy personality, that he falls in love as if there is no tomorrow and that is when he can end up with a broken heart when he needs to speak all those thoughts that haunt him. Libra is very real, when it talks, it puts depth-first, it likes to go where no one else has gone.

Libra is also one of the signs that scream their feelings because if they don’t drown. He is the one who does not hide his feelings even if it means going into catharsis, he is willing to tell everything and simply wants to heal. That is why he does not stay with friends who only have trivial issues, he wants something more, someone, who is capable of listening and not judging. Someone who also dares to talk about insecurities, fears and dreams.

3.- Pisces 

Pisces is the most reserved person you can meet on your way when the friendship is just beginning, but once you feel confident you need to scream how you feel. He is the one who is not afraid to share the strangest ideas that cross his mind. Pisces loves deep conversations, the ones that not only make you cry, but also make you reflect and make important decisions.

He is very emotional but he also has the gift of coloring gray days, no matter how broken he feels, he always looks for a way to steal a smile from others and that does not compare to anything. Pisces is complicated, so much so that, sometimes, he doesn’t even understand himself. However, it is very brave that he says things upfront and without filters, he prefers to stay with real people.


Signs That Shout Their Feelings Because If They Don't Drown

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