Signs That Say ‘i’m Not Stressed’ And 5 Minutes Later They’re Crying

The truth is that there are signs that can’t help but get stressed, their mind does its thing and suddenly they have a thousand thoughts spinning in their head. Stress is silent, it arrives disguised as a productive activity until we can’t take it anymore. There are those who notice them physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are signs that say ‘I’m not going to stress’ and 5 minutes later they’re already crying. 

The good news is that maybe it’s not you, it’s your zodiac sign that flutters your emotions to such a degree that you forget who you are. Stress has the gift of camouflaging itself in the best way. Sometimes, we confuse it with muscle tension, headache, and neck. Sometimes, it is tiredness, lack of concentration, poor memory, and anguish. Do not wait until you end up in a sea of ​​tears and better consult an expert, especially if you are one of those signs that say ‘I’m not going to stress myself and 5 minutes later they are already crying :

5.- Leo

Impulsive and at the speed of light. Leos are always in a hurry, they try too hard for everything to go perfectly. It is a very hardworking sign and when things go wrong they lose control, it is stress that takes over their emotions and they overreact. Leo can panic, throw tantrums and commit impulsive acts due to stress. However, once he returns to normal, he reasons and bravely faces the consequences of his actions.

4.- Cancer

The problem with Cancer is that it has a home in its pores, it wants everything to be full of harmony and in its place. However, when things don’t turn out the way he imagined them, they start to get very impulsive, and foolish and can even say hurtful things. Let’s remember that it is a very emotional sign thanks to the Moon, so if he feels that things are getting out of hand, it is possible that tears will be present and they will not accept any kind of help.

3.- Libra

Emotional, empathetic, and indecisive. These are three words that perfectly describe Libra and that can make anyone tremble because when they have moments of stress they don’t recognize anyone. Behind a sweet and naive face, the most passionate person you have ever seen can hide. Libra hates being told to calm down when things get out of control, it’s like turning on the button of her anger and despair. She needs to get away so she doesn’t take her anger out on anyone.

2.- Virgo

Describing Virgo is more than enough, we are talking about a sign that is a lover of perfection, thoughtful and hard-working. It is a sign that always wants to be in control and gets desperate when there is no plan or strategy to follow, being so meticulous and things still go wrong, you quickly lose control. They get excessively stressed because they want everything impeccable and they can get to shout, get angry, and say not very pleasant things that you will remember all your life. Virgo can hit you where it hurts the most when he’s stressed, so run!

1.- Sagittarius

Explosive, dreamy, and unpredictable. Sagittarius is a sign that usually takes it easy, long ago it learned not to take on problems that do not belong to it. However, when something doesn’t turn out the way her mind envisioned it, she may go from simplicity to exaggeration where she practically looks like someone else. Sagittarius becomes very rude when he is stressed, do not underestimate him because he could make you feel horrible, you have to leave him alone until everything passes.


Signs That Say 'i'm Not Stressed' And 5 Minutes Later They're Crying

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