Indomitable, independent and with a thirst to want to devour the world, so there are souls. The ones that nobody commands, even if you try, their second surname is freedom and the more you let go of their wings, the higher they fly. They are masters of their life, they don’t need anyone to be happy, they are and if someone comes they should know that they are just beautiful company. His emotional and mental autonomy is noticeable for miles. These are the signs that are masters of your life, they are not commanded by anyone.

The signs on this list are the ones that honor that I don’t need you, but I prefer you. They are people who are annoyed when you tell them what to do, when they feel dominated they prefer to end the relationship. And yes, there are many times that their hearts have been broken, but they cry for a few days and continue with life. Resilience is always in your favor. Who are they?

6.- Aquarius 

Seriously, let me laugh out loud, because if one day you manage to tame an Aquarius , I need you to post it immediately, I don’t think anyone will. We are talking about the sign that hates to have its wings clipped, at the slightest provocation that feels chains in its life, it runs away. Aquarians want air, freedom, they are committed to the soul, but nothing more, do not try to have them in a cage.

5.- Libra 

Don’t be fooled by the personality of Libra , of course they are very sweet, supportive and excellent companions. However, that does not mean that they like that someone else is in control, they were born to shout to the world that they can in this and a thousand more lives. They are indecisive in many things, but they never allow themselves to be dominated, behind an angelic face there is a lion that will put you in your place.

4.- Scorpio 

Hello, I present to you the zodiac sign that has the gift of adding a shot of intensity that will take you up to the sky and take you down. This is how Scorpios are , a sign that was born to show the rest what it is to walk through life being indomitable, although many have tried, their passion does not allow it, they do not know the meaning of limits and if your dream of having it in your palm from your hand, I recommend that you wait sitting, it will not happen.


If you want to know in depth the meaning of stubborn, without a doubt, try to order something to Aries, they are zodiac signs that they do not know when it comes to doing their will. They are used to being in control in all aspects, their intelligence opens a thousand doors for them, because they have arguments for everything and if you try to dominate them they will make you reflect on how bad you are. They do not remain silent and when something does not seem to them they leave.

2.- Sagittarius 

Do you really want to try to dominate the king of adventure? A Sagittarius nobody sends and people who think they do, they have no idea that they are actually doing something they want, so they are able to decide what they want and do not even realize. They may pretend they are giving in but are actually taking time to escape. They are free, daring and few manage to enter their hearts.

1.- Gemini 

The zodiac sign that will make you wonder over and over again what you are doing wrong. They have the ability to make you believe that you have them in your hands and after 30 seconds they knock you down, that’s Gemini . A person of strong character who does not allow himself to be manipulated by anyone. They like to be the ones to take the lead, try telling Gemini to follow the pack and they will tell you how one runs perfectly.


Signs That Own Their Life Nobody Sands Them

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