Brave, strong, determined women, those who no longer shut up, those who shout, those who fight for what they want. Women who have often been broken and repaired, who cry with their guts and rise with their souls. Women who were born to shine and not to receive orders, who take their place and are signs that will not even jokingly allow a man to tell them what to do. These zodiac signs are not for everyone, they are for those who are confident in their potential.

One day they made them feel that they were worthless, one day they settled, one day they woke up in the middle of the ashes and became unstoppable butterflies, flapping loudly to conquer every place they reach. Those who take flight and do not get attached. They are free and do not allow a man to control them.

Signs that won’t even jokingly let a man tell them what to do

There are women who are already tired, they are not on the defensive, but they are prepared for anyone who comes from behind. They are independent, hardworking and a flare of emotions that sweetens anyone. However, not everyone has the opportunity to conquer their heart, they are special, they are the ones on this list.

5.- Aries 

Aries has a presence, she is the woman who leaves a mark on you even if you only see her once in your life. She is the woman who is always looking to fulfill her dreams, who does not miss opportunities and who enjoys when there is risk, does not fear, dares. She is so confident in herself that it isvery difficult for a man to tear her to pieces, sheknows that she is not here to satisfy anyone’s expectations and if someone does not agree with her way of being, she leaves.

4.- Taurus 

Call her stubborn, compulsive and meticulous, tell her what you want, after all, Taurus doesn’t take anything personally. She knows that she is not gold to be liked by everyone, so she recognizes her strengths and weaknesses, but still takes flight. Taurus is synonymous with power, inspiration, it is the one that can create wonders with so little. She learned to fend for herself, to enjoy the taste of loneliness and to let go, she does not get attached, because life taught her that sometimes there is nothing more than being alone.

3.- Gemini 

I offer my condolences to that man who dares to try to dominate a Gemini , because he is simply going to wear out emotionally, mentally and physically. Geminis are controlling to the bone, they like to put their cards on the table without fear of reprisals and when they decide not to mix feelings, you have to take care of yourself, because your heart is not touched. She was not born to be told what to do, much less a man.

2.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius runs when someone tries to manipulate her, she is a woman who does not get carried away by the decisions of others. She follows her instincts, which really makes her heart and soul happy. He likes to ask everything and be persistent when it comes to fulfilling his dreams. Sagittariusstays with the man who understands her, who encourages her and who shows her love without reproach, not with the one who wants to rule.

1.- Capricorn 

Do you want to know how to take charge in a relationship? So, talk to Capricorn because they are queens to achieve what they want, sometimes they do it in a subtle way but they are always in control. They can’t stand conformist men who want to treat her like another piece of furniture. Capricorn knows what he wants and with whom , if a man does not meet his expectations, Next!


Signs That Never Just Will Allow A Man To Tell You What To Do

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