Signs That May Fall But They Will Not Stay On The Ground

Signs That May Fall But They Will Not Stay On The Ground

They call them brave and that does not mean that they are not afraid. They have it, but they are still able to move on. They are one of the brave ones who clean the wound, are grateful for the scar and reappear among so many pieces. They are the ones who know no limits, only the ones they set when someone tries to see their faces. I’m talking about the zodiac signs who take risks, who know that they are not here to settle for love for a while or to live an ordeal. They are signs that may fall, but they are not going to stay on the ground for the world. Maybe someone has already come to your mind, it can be you who is on the list:

1.- Aries

It is not news that Aries starts the list, he is a deliberate soul, he has no need to follow anyone’s orders, on the contrary, when he feels that the chains are beginning to be present, he simply pauses. Although he has no problem with challenges, there are times when they can’t take it anymore and all he wants is a little air, to keep moving forward with the same force. Aires may disappear for a couple of days, do not pressure him, try to find out where he was wrong and how he can remedy things. Do not worry, he will continue to work as at the beginning because he knows that the reward sooner or later will be part of his days. Yes, Aries cries, breaks down, feels like the world is coming on him, but does not sink into depression for long. When you least think about it, it will come back with twice the strength.

2.- Leo 

Leo is brave from the angle you see him. He has that enormous light that makes others look away and although many believe that he tries to attract attention, his only competition is with himself. His character is strong, he is one of those who do not conform to the first, of those who may be feeling that their knees are bending and the air is catching in their chest, but still they look up. Yes, Leo is proud and boy has that served to show who he is because no matter how scary the road gets, he always finds a way. The downside is that his inner critic doesn’t always leave him alone, on the contrary, he strives to stand out when he makes a mistake. That’s Leo, the person who doesn’t always say how he feels. The one who has cried in silence, the one who tries one more time, even if they mock her face. It may be on the ground, but sooner or later it will get back up.

3.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is like that unstoppable wave, the one with a lot of blues and rainbow flashes. She is the one ready to build a tsunami if necessary. His personality is fierce, it is the one that scares many, but inspires most. A sign that knows that the limits are within it and that as long as it trusts in its abilities, it can achieve anything. His steps are full of fun, curiosity and the unexpected. His audacity is what keeps him wanting everything, even when he feels that life is heavy. Sagittarius also cries for days on the couch, also withdraws from everyone and loses hope. However, he does not stop there, he is not willing to sink into the clutches of sadness, because he knows that he was born for more. That is why he decides to embrace fear and continue to expand his horizons. Sagittarius does not give up, rest a little and move on.

4.- Scorpio

A lover of risk, of adrenaline, of going against the clock. A lover who knows what he wants and who does not intend to lower his head just to please others. That is a Scorpio, he knows that life is not easy, that there are bad streaks, bad people, bad jobs and still you have to have the courage to take the bull by the horns. Scorpio is that one, the one who faces every obstacle and doesn’t waste time on nonsense. Sometimes, he forgets his essence, he gets lost in a lot of worries, in debts, in emotional problems, that’s when he can fall to the bottom, but fear not because he will take strength from his gut to get back up.. Scorpios are used to falling as many times as necessary to get what they want. He is not a masochist, he is realistic and that is synonymous with the fact that he always can.

5.- Libra

Libra is like a snowball on a huge mountain, you really never know how it’s going to end. It is a sign that struggle with all the emotions that your heart dictates and the many negative thoughts that your insecurities awaken. If we add to that his indecision, everything gets worse. There comes a time when all you want is a break, to get away from everyone to reconnect with your interior. Sometimes it hurts to realize that the people you trusted were not what you imagined. In the hardest moment is when he discovers that not everyone stays by his side. Libra gets tired of being so loyal, of seeking to help others and that is when it recovers. He gets lost in his loneliness and discovers that in the end he only has himself, so he learns to be strong and makes it clear that he has come out of worse.

6.- Gemini 

If there is a sign that has the guts to resist the evil of the other, it is Gemini. And no, it is not that they become the victims, on the contrary, they have the security of accepting what is bad and moving forward. They are used to receiving criticism after criticism when in reality people have no idea of ​​their history. So, life taught them that many times the only thing that matters is letting go, you have to let everything flow, not get hooked on the bad, that people think what they want. Geminis no longer feel ashamed of anything, they will put their convictions first and if they judge him for that it is their problem. Sometimes you may feel hopeless, sad, and have mood swings that make you sink into the bed. However, it will be temporary, it will shine again.

7.- Aquarius 

They say that their heart is so cold, that they do not have the ability to truly surrender. They are judged for having ideas that break the norm and a hippie soul. Aquarius has learned to deal with inappropriate comments from people knocking on his door. Perhaps before they did cause you anguish and instability, but things changed over time. Now they allow themselves to take a step back, only to take flight. They no longer feel the need to have anyone’s approval. As long as they are good with themselves, it is enough and excess. They generally like to keep order in their life and when something doesn’t go as planned their spirits may drop to the ground, but they are very brave. As much as they hurt their self-esteem, they rise again, there is nothing that can paralyze their desire to succeed. It is difficult enough to deal with their fears, to still carry those of others.


Signs That May Fall But They Will Not Stay On The Ground

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