Signs That Know That Waking Up Is Not Safe And Live Insanely In The Present

Signs That Know That Waking Up Is Not Safe And Live Insanely In The Present

The past, stepped on … the present is straight ahead and without haste. There are signs of the zodiac who know that life is not to hold grudges, or to wait for that person to change. They know that they only have today, that waking up is not safe and that is why they jump into the ring. They are the ones that add a touch of madness, of that adrenaline that makes you thirsty to love, to fight, to enjoy. They are the ones who long ago decided to throw the expectations of others into the trash can, now they focus on what they want and let go of their concerns. These are the signs that waking up is not safe and they live madly in the present. Are you on the list?


Aries is the one who takes his spontaneous side by the hand and dares. Long ago he learned to let go of the ghosts of the past, now he wants to repair, he is ready to transform all that pain that one day tore him to pieces. He does not care what is going to happen tomorrow, because he knows that life is that unstoppable storm, the one that shakes you and then calms down. Aries prefers to put their impulsive side to flight, they do not have much time to commit, they do not want to know about long-term plans. Tell him about today, what makes your skin crawl right now. In a second everything can happen, so you will not miss the opportunity to be the best of your life.


Leo is the one who trusts in all his splendor, he is the light that never turns off, although his surroundings are filled with negative shadows, he keeps looking up. It is the brave one, the one who goes from being a cute kitten to the lion that makes anyone tremble. It is an accumulation of energy that he wants to live today, because he knows that if he is distracted, moments, people, life pass him by. That is the reason why Leo is so impatient, he wants to take advantage of every minute, he does not want to be the person that if one day he reaches old age, he has to regret what he did not dare to do. Leo prefers a thousand times to ask for forgiveness, than to ask permission. It is the sign takes the initiative, the leader and worker, but also has a rebellious side that wants everything to be memorable.


Scorpio is like a wave in the sea, you never know how it will burst, but during the journey it is beautiful to appreciate it. It’s very emotional, when you feel like you’re not getting the most out of it, it’s like nothing makes sense, you just lose control. That is the reason why they cut any kind of link with the past, they want to focus on today, because they know that if their mind takes a little look at the memories they can end in a terrible depression. Scorpio forces himself to live in the present, because he cannot tolerate the anguish of the future. So let yourself be carried away by your intuition and let whatever has to happen happen.


Sagittarius is also one of the signs that waking up is not safe and they live madly in the present. For Sagittarius, life is like a sweet, whether you decide to eat it or not, it ends anyway. So he prefers to put a touch of adrenaline to the present, taking advantage of every second. It is the person who does not want to know anything about plans that do not exist, wants to dare, enjoy and if necessary break the rules. It is the sign that turns the page and does not have the slightest intention of returning, it gets bored with repetition, it does not want the conventional. So he goes out in search of something else, it doesn’t matter if he knows people or not. Sagittarius loves today, lives today, surrenders today. Tomorrow life will tell, for now let your impulsive, fun and exciting side take control.


Signs That Know That Waking Up Is Not Safe And Live Insanely In The Present

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