They say that it shows in the look when you are in love, but many times it is very difficult for us to know if we ourselves are in love or not. We find it difficult to distinguish if we are infatuated or if that love goes to something else. It is very difficult to understand our feelings, but there are signs that help us figure out what is happening to us. These are the signs that tell you that you are in love according to your zodiac sign :


Let’s see, Aries, when you fall in love you are not subtle at all. You are able to distinguish it almost always. What happens is that you are very impulsive and it is difficult for you to know if what you feel is the heat of the moment or is something else. One sign that tells you if you are truly in love is when you are willing to fight to the death for that person.

When you feel that love is a risk it is because your feelings are real. You have to feel that it is a little dangerous, if not, you are not in love. Even Aries, you can become committed in a short time and demand that the other person commits to the same level as you. That is a sign that you are more in love than you thought.


You don’t fall in love easily, Taurus, but when you do it’s for life. In your soulmate, you are looking for a physical but also mental connection. You need to feel safe around that person. Once you start to think about the future, to choose what color you want for the walls of your future home, to imagine what your first trip together will be like, is the first sign that you are falling in love.

You may not be a person who says ‘I love you’ at the slightest bit of change, but you show your feelings in another way. The second sign that indicates that you are falling in love is when you have no problem doing favors for that person. When you don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone or putting aside your plans to meet their needs, it’s because you’ve found true love. These are the signs that tell you that you are in love according to your zodiac sign.


For you, your friends are the most valuable thing you have in your life. You can’t imagine a future without them. You even promise not to abandon them even if you have found the love of your life. One way to know that you are in love is if you spend much more time with that person than with your friends. Be careful, it does not mean that you have left them aside, but that you invest most of your free time in your partner than in them. If you go before the party to be alone with someone it is because you are in love and a LOT.

Also, you are a person who likes music very much. You love making playlists for every moment and for every person in your life. Another sign that you are in love is when you suddenly share all your music with that person. When there is a VERY special song that reminds you of him/her. There is no going back there, Gemini …


Despite being a very emotional person, Cancer, most of the time you keep all those emotions to yourself. You know that you are falling in love when you let that person enter to discover what is behind your shell. When you invite that person to that place you go to every time you want to escape the world. You are kind, yes, but you are also very reserved with your feelings. A sign that indicates that you are in love is when little by little, you discover that you have entrusted many of your secrets to that person.

But the big sign that confirms all this, Cancer, is when you start to feel like your maternal or paternal instincts are awakened. One of your dreams is to start a family. And when you start to imagine a future with that person is when you discover that you are more than in love with him/her. These are the signs that tell you that you are in love according to your zodiac sign.


It’s very easy for you to know when you’re in love, Leo. The truth is that you are an expert in love matters. One sign that you are in love is when you feel the need to show off your partner. When you are proud to be in love and you want the whole world to know it. You do not mind uploading photos with that person to Instagram, you do not care that they see you holding hands. When all this happens, Leo, it is because there is real love.

And another sign that confirms that you are in love is when you are willing to put your pride aside and change your flaws. When you are able to do anything for the good of the relationship. You are an extremely loyal person and when your claws come to light it is because you are so in love.


Time is money for you, Virgo. You don’t invest it in anyone who just grabs your attention a little. Therefore, a sign that indicates that you are in love is when you do not stop investing your time in that person. When you put aside many of your priorities, to make a hole in your agenda for that person. Little by little, you realize how you are adapting your future plans to your partner’s plans … Details like that make you confirm that your feelings are real.

When you truly fall in love, you bring out your most sensual and passionate side. You don’t do it with just anyone. You have a long list of requirements that the person who enters your heart must meet. When you meet someone who fulfills most of them, your inner fire is ignited to the maximum.


You are quite infatuated, Libra, and the truth is that it is a bit difficult for you to distinguish if that love is something true or is a pure whim of the moment. When you start to like someone, you are capable of doing anything for love, but many times, over time, you realize that what you felt was not love, but it was an obsession, as the song says. One sign that you are truly falling in love, Libra, is when you are not afraid of commitment. When you are not afraid to jump into the void for that person, that is when you have truly fallen in love.

You stop being indecisive, you stop constantly wondering if that person feels the same as you, you stop doubting absolutely everything. When you truly fall in love, Libra, you feel that you can be yourself without fear of anything.


You are a very reserved person, Scorpio, and you take your time to open up. You don’t show your feelings to just anyone. You don’t share your secrets with anyone who comes into your life. You prefer to wait because experience tells you that you cannot trust almost anyone. You know that you are truly in love when little by little you stop being afraid of sharing your intimacies and secrets with that person. You want to know everything about him/her and you want them to know everything about you in return.

You are one of the most jealous people in the Zodiac. Another sign that you are in love is when your most possessive side comes to light. You want to show the world that no one can touch that person.


That you fall in love is something complicated, Sagittarius. Face it… It is true that you have no problem having one night stands, but starting a relationship gives you a bit of laziness. You’d rather enjoy your independence than have someone chasing after you all the time. One sign that you are in love is when that mindset changes completely. You start to feel more comfortable when you are with that person than when you are alone. You invite her to all your plans without feeling pressured.

You start to introduce your partner to your friends, to your family. You take it to any family gathering and you are not ashamed to be seen together on the street. These are the signs that tell you that you are in love according to your zodiac sign.


What is yours is yours, Capricorn, and always will be. You don’t let anyone touch your things, no one steal your time, no one owes you anything. It is a line that few people can cross. One sign that you are in love is when that line begins to blur a bit. Suddenly, you don’t mind spending time with that person, or asking them to dinner, or having them stay at your house to sleep. You stop being a squared person and you start to get carried away a little more.

You have a firm mind, Capri, and you won’t change your mind to make someone like you more. But you know that you are very much in love when that firmness disappears and you bring out your funniest and most carefree side. These are the signs that tell you that you are in love according to your zodiac sign.


You don’t follow the law, Aquarius, not even in love. You run away from everything traditional, from the typical boring dates, from commitment … All that bores you and seems somewhat stale. Be careful, because a sign that indicates that you are in love is when all that stops looking silly. If you feel comfortable when one of those traditional situations is because you are SO in love.

You are known for your few emotional displays, for being a difficult person to read. It is possible that when you are in love, you begin to let others see your emotions and your most vulnerable side. Suddenly, you realize that you have spent a lot of time thinking about doing something romantic with that person. That’s when you’re in love, no, the next thing.


You also have it easy to know if you are really in love or not, Pisces. When a person enters your heart, you give absolutely everything and are not afraid to go further. One sign that you are in love is when you only have eyes for that person. In a crowded room, you can only look and hear your partner. That’s when you know that you are falling more than necessary.

You are a very generous person, but you are more so when someone enters your heart. You don’t mind spending half your salary or your savings on details or gifts for that person. You don’t mind doing whatever it takes to protect and take care of your baby. Even when you fall in love you can become a very jealous person. You know those feelings are real when you don’t allow anyone to look too much at your partner.


Signs That Indicate That You Are In Love According To Your Sign



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