Signs That Have To Let Go Of Love Because They Do Not Want To Leave A Part Of Their Heart

There are loves that penetrate the depths of your heart, that no matter how much you want to get them out of your thoughts, they cling more. You find them in songs, phrases, in aromas, in colors. There are loves that accompany you until the last breath even though they are no longer with you and it is not easy to say goodbye. Above all, for some signs, who find it difficult to let go of a love, because they do not want to let go of a part of their heart. 

Letting go is saying goodbye to long conversations, sleepless nights, love, hugs, those moments when you hit rock bottom and that love was there to lift you up. They are scars that we prefer to hide in an untouchable corner but when we least think they come back, they make us believe that everything can go back to being as before, but it is not like that. It costs a lot to let go of a love, I wish that some chapters were eternal.

Signs that it is difficult for them to let go of love because they do not want to let go of a part of their heart

They say that time heals wounds, but nobody talks about ghosts, those that become your shadow, that appears even in your happiest moments. And there you are having everything and sighing while you miss your great love. You don’t want to let go of that part of your story and neither do these signs:

4.- Scorpio

Mysterious, reserved and electrifying. Scorpio has the power to make you feel heaven and break you in the same second. It is a sign that when he decides to share with you he gives you everything. He does not understand restrictions, he gives himself in body, soul and a lot of heart. He is not one of those who goes around showing his most sensitive side, when he trusts he plans a whole life by your side and if things don’t go well his world falls apart. Scorpio is loyal, he is the one who does not let go of you, who repairs you, who will be with you even in your worst moment, when you are in a bad mood and without wanting to know anything about anyone. Scorpio loves with all his being and it is difficult for him to forget in the same way, he cannot pretend that it did not happen, it will cost him tears, sleeplessness and more love, so that he can finally heal.

3.- Virgo

Thoughtful, planning and very supportive. Virgo comes into your life as the calm dreamed of, he is the person who always has the right words, who does not like games when it comes to love, he prefers formality. Virgo is hooked because it is a sign with one and a thousand activities, so if it decides to be part of your life it is because it really loves you. It is possible that he gets up and continues with the routine, that he smiles, but deep down he carries a pain that he does not talk about with anyone. Virgo has a hard time letting go because he needs answers, he wants to know in detail what happened, where he went wrong and he can even think of a solution. But when he realizes that there is no going back, even with pain in his soul, he turns the page.

2.- Leo

Brave, proud, and trustworthy. Leo is the one who has the power to add spark to your days, he is the one who never stops, who always has something new to contribute. He is the person that everyone says hello to when he leaves somewhere, he wins everyone over with his sympathy and has some control, so when the relationship fails he has a hard time letting go and moving on. Leo needs to really heal to finally let go. His ego does not allow him to deal with failure and sometimes he wishes it was just a nightmare. Leo is strong on the outside but there is an emotional side in which he bends, in which he can no longer and does not want to let go of that part of his heart.

1.- Libra

Sophisticated, romantic, and empathetic. Libra is the sign that simply helps you put your feet on the Earth, the person who thinks very well before speaking, the one who analyzes both sides of the coin. At first, it may seem distant but once you fall in love, your partner becomes your priority and you have a hard time letting go overnight. Libra does not give up that simple, they strive to regain the relationship and it is possible that when they are alone they will remember that great love. Because Libra has goodness in his heart, hope and cannot help but put himself in the shoes of others. He clings because it is part of his story and he does not want to let go.


Signs That Have To Let Go Of Love Because They Do Not Want To Leave A Part Of Their Heart

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