Signs That Have The Strength To Laugh At Their Own Mistakes

Laugh at yourself? They say it is an act of health, it is the way you scream at life that even after so many falls you still stand with your head held high. Those who have that strength are beings full of goodness, those who let criticism slip away because they have come to know their interior in a deep way. Few people wipe away their tears, frustration and fears, to make up their faces with a laugh. There are signs that have the strength to laugh at their own mistakes.

There are signs of the zodiac who were born with this gift, who are not waiting for the other to judge them, on the contrary, they have the courage to set the necessary limits. They know what they want to be and what they believe in. They are not there to give in to the pressures of the rest, their objective is to enjoy, enjoy every moment as if there were no tomorrow and, sometimes, when things go wrong, there is nothing left but to let go and laugh. Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Leo know very well what I am talking about:

5.- Virgo 

Virgo is such a demanding and selective sign, that it is almost mandatory that you look for an escape valve between so much worry. His best weapon when dealing with problems is humor, hehas a wit that surpasses anyone’s intellect. His jokes are the kind you remember over the years. They do not need to humiliate the other, to provoke laughter, on the contrary, they are the type of person who encourages you, who have the perfect word to dismiss the pain.

4.- Gemini 

Gemini is the one who was born to waste words, they have a serenity in speech that surrounds you, the type of person with whom you always want to download everything that you do not tell anyone. Although Geminihas the courage to wipe your tears, they also wipe your soul with their occurrences, they know very well the right time to be funny and it comes very naturally. Gemini doesn’t plan to steal a laugh from you, it’s part of their personality.

3.- Libra 

It is also one of the signs that you have the strength to laugh at your own mistakes. The soul that has learned to laugh at itself, it is very rare that someone has the power to tear Libra to pieces with some of their mistakes, because even they make fun of it. They prefer to see the glass half full, than half empty and always with hope ahead. Libra is the one who dominates the art of sarcasm, her mind goes to the rhythm of the second hand of the clock, she is the one who can make you cry with laughter. This is Libra, he prefers to laugh out loud rather than get entangled in some discussion.

2.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the dreamer, the one who often prefers to get away because he does not have time to deal with people who are only looking for the negative on a day-to-day basis. Aquarius is the one who honors simplicity, it doesn’t take much to be happy. Good company and a couple of laughs are enough. The secret is that Aquarians long ago learned to do it with themselves and that has made them invincible. Aquarius trusts his every step and when he makes a mistake he laughs, but does not give up.

1.- Leo 

Leo is the one who stands out, enjoys jokes, is the person who alwaysreminds you that it is worth going back to childhood and nothing happens. All the talks with this sign are synonymous with laughter until your stomach hurts, it is very ingenious, practical and fast. You are barely wiping your tears for the pain you live, when it already made you forget everything. This is Leo, the person who tests your imagination and invites you to exploit your creativity.


Signs That Have The Strength To Laugh At Their Own Mistakes

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